Specular Preserves at Reading Frenzy

I just found out about this show for first Thursday at Reading Frenzy. Looks like it's gonna be great!

Check out what Reading Frenzy (one of the best places ever to get zines, art books and other lovely things) owner/curator, Chloe Eudaly, says about the show:

This month, in honor of the Portland Zine Symposium, Ms. Nicole Georges and Your Faithful Proprietress have put together a showcase of some of our favorite women comic artists, most of whom started out (and many who still are) self-publishing their work. We chose this focus as a nod to the historic tradition of self-portraiture in women's art and because it provides a strong unifying theme to an otherwise diverse array of artists.

While doing research for the show, I was intrigued to learn that the emergence of some of the first notable women artists in the 16th century roughly coincided with the wider availability of affordable glass mirrors (or at least less expensive than polished silver or bronze), and that as a general rule female artists were denied the benefit of drawing from nude models, which encouraged a specialism in portraiture. This may in part explain the strong tradition of self-portraiture in women's art dating back to this time. At a time when women artists rarely made history, creating a self-portrait really was an act of self-preservation.

Nicole and I share a desire to encourage women and girls to get into comics, whether as readers or creators and so does Friends of Lulu, a national non-profit organization that we'll be highlighting for the month of August.


Go to Reading Frenzy's site for more info.


by Briar Levit
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Wow, I wish I lived in Portland...

This show looks awesome! I love comic art! And ladies!


I wish I remembered to check BITCH while I was moving. I moved to Portland from Santa Cruz the first week of August, and was actually out for first thursday, yet somehow missed it. Shame on me. I am so disappointed.

There's still time!

The show opened this past Thursday, but you can check it out any time this month. It's worth a trip to Reading Frenzy too...a great place for zines, art books and unusual bits and bobs!

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