Spilled Milk: No, Everything You Do is Sexist

Yesterday, the California Milk Processor Board launched a new pro-dairy campaign based on the old premise that PMS turns women into insufferable turds. The message, directed at men, is that milk can ease a woman’s PMS symptoms and is therefore good for her poor, put-upon (male) partner. Finally! An ad campaign that stereotypes women AND promises to make straight men’s lives easier!

a poster of a young man in front of a green background holding a carton of milk that reads 'we can both blame myself' and 'got milk?'
It’s about time!

The website for the campaign, everythingidoiswrong.org (get it?), is unsurprisingly chocked full of lazy, offensive, unfunny bullshit about men, women, and PMS. Sections include a “video apology enhancer” that lets you plug in “what you did wrong” to an apology video of teddy bears and big-eyed kittens (I tried one but it won’t let me embed it here—suffice it to say it was barf-inducing), and a sensitivity vocabulator that encourages men to say “I love your spirit” instead of “calm down” when the women in their lives get OUT OF CONTROL for a few days each month. There’s also a milk locator (because who can find milk these days?) and a PMS threat level indicator (current level: “Red. Everything is wrong and it’s all your fault.”).

Not to fall into the “look out it’s an angry lady!” trap being set by these sexist dairy-mongers, but this website has me seeing red (look out! everything is wrong and it’s your fault!). Haven’t we heard enough of this tired story that men are victims, held hostage by women’s monthly cycles? Complicated milk issues aside, this is problematic on so many levels. Women are not dangerous while menstruating, and men don’t need to wave milk in front of us like matadors to keep us from blaming all of our problems on them. We’ve heard it before! Your jokes aren’t funny and they honestly don’t even make sense! (Overheard in the Bitch office just now: “When I have cramps the last thing I want to do is chug a glass of milk.”)

Of course, the orchestrator of this campaign (which, by the way, is getting play on media outlets all over the US because of the Milk Processor Board’s NPR sponsorship), Jeff Goodby—of the milk board’s creative agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners—finds the idea hilarious and has high hopes that other asshats consumers will as well. As he told the New York Times, he thinks people with “a sense of humor” will find the ads “tasteful.” “The women who see it, for the most part, think it’s hilarious,” says Goodby. “The hope is guys will see it as funny, too.”

(Tired PMS humor+ an “if you’re offended then you just don’t get it” attitude = ironic self-fulfilling prophecy wherein women actually do lose control and hurl milk at Goodby’s face. Not because of periods, but because of legitimate rage.)

I don’t know which women he polled before the campaign rolled out yesterday (he claims it was a “small focus group” but this one finds the whole placate-horrible-women-with-milk campaign to be mighty sour.

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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Milk makes my PMS (and my dysmennorrhea) worse. Dr. Christiane Northrup backs me up on this. But hey, don't take my word for it. I'm just a menstruating woman who doesn't know what's best for her.

Milk doesn't work miracles

Milk doesn't work miracles on my stomach either when I'm on my cycle. It usually upsets it even more--and this is coming from a person who usually drinks two glasses of milk when she's NOT menstruating.


Milk causes more bloating and discomfort for me too.



Good god, the whole concept

Good god, the whole concept for those ads is just offensive. I love the second-to-last paragraph so here's a HELL YES: I'm not PMSing, I'm just SO TIRED OF SEXISM I COULD SCREAM!!!

AGREED!! how the eff did this

how the eff did this ad get made?!

"(Overheard in the Bitch

"(Overheard in the Bitch office just now: "When I have cramps the last thing I want to do is chug a glass of milk.")"

Lol, agreed.

I've found this particularly

I've found this particularly helpful when some one is telling me that women are just crazy monsters b/c of menstration: "Women don't lose their minds when they have period-related irritability. It doesn't lower their ability to reason; it lowers their patience and, hence, tolerance for bullshit. If an issue comes up a lot during "that time of the month," that doesn't mean she only cares about it once a month; it means she's bothered by it all the time and lacks the capacity, once a month, to shove it down and bury it beneath six gulps of willful silence. Those are the things most worth paying attention to. (By both people involved.)"
From http://shakespearessister.blogspot.com/2008/03/feminism-101-periods.html
The whole post is worth a read.

milk is a feminist issue

Not surprising seeing anti-woman rhetoric from the dairy council which forces impregmentation of cows via 'rape rack', rips away their newborns so we can drink the milk, then impregnates them all over again.

Poor cows :(

Poor cows :(

What about the males

So the dairy industry is a feminist issue? What about the males who are mostly killed at a very young age?

Yeah, it's got it's issues, but I don't think sexism is one of them. (I'm not defending the practices, just pointing out that both sexes of cows are screwed.)

Feminism isn't just about

Feminism isn't just about females. The fact that the male cows are often killed off is definitely part of the issue!

not just about females

Feminism isn't just about females, so one could definitely argue that yes, the killing of the male calfs is also part of the issue.


It's just that I interpreted the comment to be that the dairy industry treats female cows especially bad because they are female.

Dairy cows-feminism

I do think the dairy industry has parallels in the way women are viewed in our culture. Yes, all animals are treated like shit in factory farms. But the fact that dairy cows are viewed as baby machines and milk machines does have a chilling similarity to the way our society seems to see women as walking uteruses. Don't you think?

Vegan much?

To mention nothing about how sexist and OUTDATED this campaign is, what about vegans? I have been drinking soy milk for two years and the last time I had cow's milk, even though it was fresh, it tasted sour to me. The whole milk campaign makes me mad anyway because milk doesn't necessarily "do a body good." We are the only species that drinks ANOTHER animal's milk, and there are other sources of calcium.

Guess I'll have to go on emotionally abusing my husband for a few days a month because I can't get milk, the magic elixir.


How does this topic relate to the sex of males?

REPLY TO: "So the dairy industry is a feminist issue? "

Firstly you MUST be a male because it seems to me that you just read the title and not the context - your comment on how we ignore male cows (also known as BULLS - sorry just proper ENGLISH) (one doesn't have to go to a definition book but here you go - COW: "A fully grown female animal of a domesticated breed of ox, used as a source of milk or beef. " )

ANYWHO your comment on how we ignore the "male cows" (which is an oxymoron- there is no such thing as a male cow) and kill them at an early age has nothing to do about this article - no one was talking about animal rights or even the pain cows (which are ONLY FEMALE) go through, we were talking about female stereotypes created by males.

All I can say is - you are proof of the stereotype that men, who are simple, stupid creatures can't even listen to a female or read this full article.

Definitely female

I haven't gotten a chromosome test, but the boobs and periods seem to suggest that I am female (you might have noticed further down my complaints about PMS and periods?). Of course, you obviously know me better than I know myself, so perhaps you're right and I've just been deluding myself.

FYI, bull is specifically a non-castrated male bovine. Steers are castrated, and I wanted to include both. I could have said male cattle, but in my mind cattle implies beef breeds. So I went with male cows and figured no one would be so much of a grammar nazi to care.

I was responding to the comment that some one else made that milk is a feminist issue because female cows (yes I know it's redundant, but I've already explained my reasoning so shut up) are treated horribly by pointing out that males aren't treated any better. Why am I not allowed to respond to that comment? What did I say that so offends you? My only point was that one has to look at the context of how both sexes are treated.

Also interesting, why did you assume I was male when I said something you didn't like? Oh, right

"All I can say is - you are proof of the stereotype that men, who are simple, stupid creatures can't even listen to a female or read this full article."

I'm sure no woman would ever use sexist language against males or imply that all men are simple or stupid or can't listen to females.

I just wanted to let you know

I just wanted to let you know that Bitch magazine was linked to me, in an online discussion, of how feminism is for men too. Particularly, an article by this author about how the celebration/dismissal a man being gangraped as karmic-punishment for his promiscuity in the TV show True Blood is wrong, because rape is wrong whoever the victim is, and doing so as a punishment for promiscuity only makes it worse.

As was noted by another poster, that discussion had 0 comments, while this one on the outrage of PMS being used as a punchline has 54.

In reading the comments, I saw that some of the feminists of bitch magazine (you, in particular) were extremely hostile toward the concept of men, and only reinforced the notion that feminism is an anti-male movement that masquerades as an equal-rights movement.

Your post made me lose faith in humanity, and gender equality. I want you to know that. Because of your hatred toward me, based on my sex, despite never having met me, you have made me lose faith in equal rights.


Dunno if this is a serious comment, but the True Blood post had over 30 comments and a ton more on facebook. Not 0.

I would just like to say that

I would just like to say that this commentator ('cows?') does not represent the overall attitude of people who comment on Bitch. I was shocked by the level of hostility shown in that comment, and I've been reading Bitch comments for a few months I think.

Also, as to why there are fewer comments on the True Blood post (though like the previous poster pointed out, there are a lot), I can only tell you why I did not comment except to defend the article. i did not feel that I had anything constructive to add; I've seen the first season of True Blood, and although I agree that rape of a male is still rape, the writer has already called them on that and I didn't feel that there was a need for me to state it again.

There are anti-man 'feminists', but I there are bad apples in every bunch. I think some of what may have come across as anti-man hostility was just people tired of being trivialized because of their hormones. Anyway, please don't give up hope for equal rights because of a few hostile comments.

I had one of those "crazy

I had one of those "crazy bitch" PMS moments last month and went off on a male friend for a lot of perceived issues (and some not so perceived, but still). Ended up apologizing several times for my rant. It wasn't his fault, and I was embarrassed once the hormones returned to normal. I hate those times, and I'm so glad it's rare for it to happen.


I think you maybe definitely missed the point of this article.

Don't you wish you had a

Don't you wish you had a glass of milk?

This exactly! But then

This exactly! But then everything I say is dismissed as "just PMS.". No I feel the same every day, it's just that TODAY I feel strongly enough about it to speak up. Fuck off, milk campaign people! And no, NOT PMS-ing.

Et tu, Leche?

I went on the website and I was immediately bombarded by a huge load on condescending bullshit. I can only imagine what the soon-to-be case studies will entail. "Instead of irrational, try passionate." Wow. I looked at the video apology, and even if a guy genuinely showered me with puppies and chocolates and every other cliché in that video, I would still be put off by it. Get me a case of beer and we're good! Talk about a refusal to accept that men can actually be in the wrong. Just say these things in this way to appease your ape of a woman so she can calm down. Because, of course, women don't really ever have any legitimate reason to be angry with men, so it must be hormones. Geez, it's amazing how bad they make women look without even having an image of a woman on the actual site. For the record, I only drink almond/soy milk and I can safely ensure the global population that I have not devoured all the men within my proximity.


So, where is the (fill in the product) that supposedly keeps MEN'S hormones in check? You know, the one that makes them violent and prone to cheating on their partners?

Oh, wait.

It's not a product

It's a surgery. I don't think it's been tested on men to curb aggression, but it works great in horses!

(Yes this is a joke)

I hate this

Why do some guys a) think if I'm angry it's PMS and b) think they're the victims of PMS, when I'm the one whose hips are being yanked out of their sockets, major organs are self destructing, and has cramps that awful to begin with, but then cause back spasms so bad I can't move? You think it's hard to live with a woman with PMS? Try having it!

And when I get annoyed and snap at you, don't mention PMS. (Whenever someone does this to me I inform them of exactly where in my cycle I am, I've never had a guy do this twice.)

Oh, and guys, if you want less PMS in the world, support affordable access to birth control pills.

Got decency?

The monthly hell that some women experience is no laughing matter. As a sufferer of PMDD myself, I can assure you that a glass of milk nor smart ass comments about my “time of the month” will do little to alleviate my extreme anxiety, panic attacks, non-stop crying and suicidal thoughts.

What concerns me about most about this website is the harmful, ignorant social attitude being allowed to survive and permeate the minds of people who might give-a-damn if it weren’t for consistent bombardment of insensitive jokes about a very serious mental and hormonal disorder. Where are Milk’s campaigns that poke fun at people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, AIDS or Bi-polar Disorder? What company has the balls to promote their product by singling out a group of suffering people and giving them a public, proverbial wedgie?

Not to mention that Calcium-citrate has been linked to PMS and PMDD relief, NOT milk, which in fact leeches the calcium from bones instead of depositing it. They figure, while they’re at it, might as well provide clients with faulty information that could lead to worsening health.

I’m on cycle day 4. Which means it’s not “that time of the month” for me, just in case you were worried this was a bitch rant. No, this is my “good week,” and I’ve wasted ten precious minutes of it trying to educate ignorant pricks. With that, I send a final word of advice to the California Milk Processor Board and Jeff Gooby:

Go fuck yourselves.

Just to be clear, I agree

Just to be clear, I agree with most of the ethical points you make but please don't spread unscientific nonsense about milk's ability to convey calcium. Unless you have a disease which prevents you from taking in calcium, you are getting a healthy dose from each glass. Those studies that you are speaking of are still in dispute which doesn't make them fact, and there is NO, I repeat NO conclusive evidence that milk leeches calcium from your bones.

God, you're almost as bad as the people who made the ad campaign!

Milk is high in protein. So

Milk is high in protein. So high that it causes too much acid to form in the body. The body then has to use the calcium that is stored in the bones to make the body more alkeline. Therefore, milk, though dosing the body with calcium, causes so much acid that the calcium that may be absorbed from it might as well be bill from the acidying effect it has on the body.

Say Goodbye, Goodby

What I don't understand about the mentality of guys in advertising, like Goodby, is, do they not realize that women drink milk too? Do they think this is really a positive way of reaching the female consumer? Do they think we are that idiotic to believe that MILK of all things will "solve" our PMS? This is milk we are talking about here, a basic essential food product, why do essentialist notions about men and women have to come into play here? Why does milk need to be advertised this way? Is because of advertising like this that gendered attitudes and beliefs have stayed in our culture for so long... it's 2011 people, let's get a little more creative. Say Goodbye to guys like Goodby!!!!

Well, that's the problem I

Well, that's the problem I see with a lot of ad campaigns, and not just those posted on this site. Men are assumed to be the primary consumers of everything, which hearkens back to the days when the man had the money and made the financial decisions. Never mind the fact that when I go into the supermarket (you know, where milk is sold), the population skews heavily female.

You're all bright shining stars, But...

This add is STUPID.

Your reactions however...are no better.

If you dislike the add so much, do something constructive about it. Don't bitch incessantly without any intention of doing anything to fix the problem.

I am a man, I am irritated by this add campaign. I will send a msg to their PR Dpt professing my distaste for such blatant sexism. It isn't funny.

But your collective reaction is merely fueling a stereotype.
That being that women are irrational psychopaths. Take a deep breath, do some yoga...I do it too, Namaste, breathe...shrug off their douchebaggery, write an angry letter, msg them, move on. It's a wonderful world beyond whatever doors you're closed behind.

Thanks but no thanks.

Hi AnonymousTerrifiedMale,

Our mission at Bitch Media is to provide a feminist response to pop culture. That means reacting to things like ads that perpetuate negative stereotypes about men and women. Hence, this blog post. Please don't come here and patronize me—and by extension, Bitch—by suggesting that I live behind closed doors or that I am an "irrational psychopath." And don't suggest that I do any fucking yoga, either.


I second Kelsey's response to

I second Kelsey's response to Anonymous Terrified Male. In my opinion, Bitch's blog is constructive in that it provides a unique feminist discussion forum. Moreover, their blog posts often suggest a follow-up action such as writing to the PR Department of aforementioned ad agencies, not buying products made by an anti-feminist company, or what have you. Additionally, I think there is inherent value in the empowerment I feel (by being reminded that I'm not alone in my frustration with society's double standards et al).

Hmm...but Yoga is so

Hmm...but Yoga is so relaxing!

Perhaps a 24pack of Pabst is more your thing? I actually find you very entertaining.

I'll continue reading and form a more...rounded perspective in regards to womens values and other...things *wiggles hands*.



It is nice to see that you are irritated by this add campaign, and that you have a future plan of writing a message to the milk campaign's PR Dpt professing your irritation.

Although, your comment about your irritation over women "fueling a stereotype" is uncalled for. By making this comment does not it seem that you are fulfilling your stereotype as anonymousterrifiedmale?

The people who choose to reply to these post are choosing to do so to create a discussion about the topic and a sense of camaraderie. These people who comment on posts might also go on to write a message to the dairy campaign's PR Dpt addressing their distaste too.

now, moving on...

Anonymous terrified male?

I don't think anyone at bitch considers a blog post, and the comments the follow, the end-all be-all of a feminist revolution. That being said, blogging about situations like this makes readers aware of the situation and allows us to discuss our opinions on the topic. Just because we blog doesn't mean that's ALL we do; many of us use blogs as a jumping-off point for activism and end up writing letters, signing petitions, participating in protests and so forth.
I'm suprised you feel any distaste for the ad campaign, since you appear to be equally condescending and snotty toward women. Apparently, we don't discuss our opinions; we "bitch incessantly." And the fact that we blog about something we don't like automatically shows that we are "irrational psychopaths." Dismissing our opionions by telling us to do yoga- what the hell?- is the same thing as telling us that we can stop being scary psycho bitches during PMS if we just drink more milk.
If you have an opinion, great- but if you can express it without talking down to the rest of us and trying to make us feel like shit for having opinions of our own- well that would make it a "wonderful world." But I'm not holding my breath.

Not another one.

Look. This happens every time Bitch features a critique of an ad. Some "anonymous" comes onto the scene and tells us we're all histrionic animals who should be doing better things. Y'all know I like lists, so here's one for you. Try not to be too terrified:

1. As Kelsey said, the purpose of this site is to explore the many, often small-seeming ways, in which sexism (and racism, and homophobia, etc.) pervade daily life. This ad campaign is one of those examples, and so it is up for discussion.

2. If you read the ads, you'll notice that many of the female posters explain their experiences with PMS and other menstruation-related issues in a frank manner. Actual PMS is a lot different than the stereotype of the screaming harpy, and no two women experience PMS the same way, if they experience it at all.

3. Being offended, angry, insulted does not equal "irrational psychopath." If someone insults you, and you become angry, I don't think you would describe yourself as such. Calling people names like this is belittling and does nothing but diminish their very valid emotions. It also suggests that anger in women (in this case) is intolerable and wrong. You might also want to look up the definition of "psychopath," and you'll see that it doesn't really apply to this setting.

4. Telling women to "shrug off" sexism is not okay. Saying this, you're tacitly saying that sexism like the type featured in these ads is okay, and that if someone is insulted by it, it's their fault. This is interesting especially when considering that you claim that you yourself were offended by this ad, so much that you contacted the company over it. That's not "shrugging off." What this suggests to me is that as a man, your anger and offense and your expression of those feelings is okay, but as women, ours is not.

5. Please don't use racial or cultural stereotypes to prove your point. That's condescending in a whole other arena.

6. I'm glad you contacted the company and expressed your feelings. I'm assuming you really did it, and I'm glad you are encouraging others to do so. But understand that a forum like this is useful for spreading the information (I didn't know about these ads, prior to reading this article), and bouncing ideas back and forth that may help some people formulate an articulate letter of disapproval.

Thank you, I'm here all week.

could not have done a better

could not have done a better job myself, particularly in calling out the mixed message-thank you!

if you are so dissatisfied with the implied offense of the ad, that you contact those responsible for it, but then you turn on those whose reactions are also negative with the same stereotypical biases

it's hard not to conclude that male priviledge is oozing a bit

do me a favor, don't help us, just be man enough to come right out and help yourself to your sexism and your "advice" without cowering behind the "respect" you clearly do not possess

In the mistake verification

In the mistake verification section of the webpage, it prompted me to type in "what you think you did wrong" -- I typed "I made a website called everythingidoiswrong.org and flooded it with lazy sexist humor." 100% of the mistakes were verified. Also, Kelsey Wallace is hilarious.

voice yourselves to inquiries@gotmilk.com

I'm writing a letter to inquiries@gotmilk.com

feel free to do the same. the ads are in poor taste and i'm pretty much sick of this.

I can kinda see where they

I can kinda see where they were going with this add, I don't agree with it inso far that it is srsly sexist and frankly insulting. Calcium can help with really bad cramps, according to my doctor and personal experience, and milk does have calcium in it but so does broccoli and as many people on here have pointed out milk can actuly upset your stomach during your cycle so its not always a good idea to drink it. Better to eat other foods that are rich in calcium like Almonds or Rhubarb or better yet a calcium pill.

Wow, it's so disheartening to

Wow, it's so disheartening to see that even women think that PMS is something that happens during a period.. Do any of you even know what PMS stands for? The letter P in particular? Women don't have PMS during their periods - on the contrary, PMS goes away as soon as the period arrives... If you're cranky because of the cramps and the headaches that's fine, but don't call it PMS, it makes all of you (including the author of the article) look ignorant.

Um, my cramps are worst

Um, my cramps are worst *before* my period. Please don't assume I'm ignorant when you don't know when the symptoms I'm complaining about arrive for me.

Really? Oh gosh, thanks for

Really? Oh gosh, thanks for explaining that to me! I was soooooo ignorant about my own body, and come to that the English language, before you decided to help a poor girl out and have that intimate conversation with my poor little uterus.

Sod off mate. My PMS starts a week before, lasts the 13 or so days my period hangs around, and then tends to lurk for another few days before giving me my week's respite. It doesn't just stop, for some of us. As my gynecologist and the endo specialist so helpfully pointed out, the hormonal issues that cause PMS also cause periods. Those hormones don't just evaporate once things start leaking.

Look to your own definition

Considering your own given definition I’d bite my tongue. “Usually” does not mean always for certain and for everybody. If it “usually” stops when menstruation begins or “shortly thereafter” does not necessarily mean that this is the case for all therefore the notion of the collection of symptoms generally referred to as PMS may occur before during and after menstruation is perfectly sound as it is dependent on the individual’s cycle and/or personal experience. Any gynaecologist worth their salt would tell you the same.

A dictionary definition and a

A dictionary definition and a medical definition are not the same. Further, there is a lack of appropriate words to describe the effects of menstruation. And I suggest you read the previous poster better, as she clearly said that hers starts a week before her period, and is thus PRE-menstrual.

But I'm not talking about the

But I'm not talking about the previous poster's experience, (she seems to be experiencing something that is not PMS, but a disorder - certainly not what most women go through), for the 3rd time, I'm talking about the widespread FALSE notion, that PMS is what's happening to women while they're bleeding. If this were true, it would be called "menstrual syndrome". Yes, there are different women who experience all sorts of things, but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about you regular PMS, y'know, the widespread phenomena that happens *before* you bleed. But apparently, women have started to experience it during their periods all of a sudden (well, American women, at least, the ones over here still get it before their periods....). Culture affecting biology?

How about language affecting

How about language affecting the words people use? Yes, PMS does stand for what happens before a period, however there really isn't a good word for what some women experience during their period. For lack of a proper word, PMS is used. Really, I think it's a reflection on the culture not thinking that menstruation is important enough to have enough proper words to describe it. I (and I think most women) notice two distinct phases of menstrual crankiness. One phase before my period and at the very beginning, another during. However, since the only word I know for something similar to what I experience at both times is PMS, it gets used for both, even though it is only accurate for one. Yes, there is also PMDD and dysmenorhea (spelling?) but those are both specific diagnoses. If you know of a word that should be used, please let us know.

To be honest I don't really

To be honest I don't really know anyone who gets crabby on their period. I know people who get cramps and are maybe a little miffed because really who likes having stomach pains? but no one who actually gets hormonally angry and emotional...

Almost 50 comments!

First, I'd like to point out that there have been almost 50 comments made on this post. That's so awesome.

Second, is there some sort of network or phone tree that makes sure to contact every apologist douchebag out there every time an article like this is written? Bitch writes about the dairy industry acting stupider than usual, and it doesn't take very long for some asshat to come along and tell us all to calm down. Usually the comment section of Bitch articles are fine (that cannot be said for all blogs/websites) but sometimes an article is written that attracts all the douchebags from their hidey-holes.

Oh, well. That's [internet] life, I guess. Great article, by the way.

Just a sec.

Deep breath, everyone: I'm a woman, and I find this ad campaign funny. Looks like I'm in the minority here though. Oh well.

Some days I am glad I am

Some days I am glad I am lactose intolerant. Bloating and diarrhea will not help my (almost non-existent) PMS symptoms, thanks. At least my money wont be going anywhere near these assholes.

Pay no attention to the hormones in the corner

This campaign is especially terrible because of what ought to be really well known links between the hormones we take in when we consume dairy and early onset menstruation in young girls. I guess it's only fair that milk would help relieve PMS since it ensured you'd start experiencing it when you got your period in the 3rd grade...

This ad-campaign isn't men

This ad-campaign isn't men being sexist against women... it's women being sexist against themselves. There would not be a stereotype of "Women are crazy on their periods" if women weren't constantly playing the "I was acting like a psychopath -because I was on my period-" card. When enough women do that enough times, it becomes something that practically everybody can relate to being on the receiving end, therefore, making for an effective advertisement.


Just an FYI to the male population, when I'VE got PMS... I'm super horny and crave chocolate. But keep creating vomit inducing bullshit and gender roles like these, and instead of baking round the clock and jumping your bones, I WILL turn into the crazy bitch you make me out to be.

Spilled Milk: No, Everything You Do is Sexist | Bitch Media

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