Stage Left: Here He is, World!

Hi all, I’m Dorian. And I am a massive, massive nerd for musical theatre. What is it I like about it? I like the music, the emotion, the immediacy that live theatre brings (on the rare occasion I manage to actually see something on stage).

Musical theatre songs (the primary way I relate to the genre, given my financial limitations) frequently take my breath away, and almost as often make me think. This music is stereotyped—not without some justification—as a genre that favors style over substance, but there are a great many shows that attempt pretty laudable goals, and even if they don’t always succeed, they leave a socially conscious audience with a lot to think about.

What this series is about is me finding a way to make the genre accessible to people who haven’t trusted it before—and to do so in a way that demonstrates how thought-provoking it can be. It’s going to be pretty casual, as I am nigh-incapable of producing formal writing. I want to open a way into a world that’s really impacted my life, and I want to do so by showing people how it can relate to concerns most of us here probably share—concerns about marginalization, discrimination, and oppression. Because I do think theatre—musicals—have a lot to say about these issues and are often left out of discussions around pop culture.

Basically, this post series is connecting two subjects I am passionate about, and that I juxtapose in my personal life very regularly, in a way that is hopefully accessible to those who don’t know much about one or the other. I’ll be talking about shows I love and shows I hate, songs, performers, and the genre as a whole. I’ll be writing about musical movies and why I don’t watch Glee, among many other topics, and probably including some form of (transcribed) multimedia content in the vast majority of posts. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing from me over the next eight weeks, and who knows? Maybe I’ll make you a fan of something you weren’t before.

And nothing would make me happier than that.

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Looking forward to reading

Looking forward to reading more from you in the coming weeks, for sure!

Hooray! Very much looking

Hooray! Very much looking forward to this series. :)

Yay, Dorian! I am so looking

Yay, Dorian! I am so looking forward to this.


Well, it looks like this series will have not two but three of my favourites: musicals, social justice, and Dorian! :)


I LOVE musical theatre. LOVE. Can't wait to read more!


I've been looking for something like this forever! Can't wait!!!

I always enjoy your writing

I always enjoy your writing Dorian - can't wait to read more of it on here. I tend to relate most to musical theatre through recordings as well, due to both financial and geographical limitations - it will be interesting to have writing from that perspective.

I'm ridiculously excited!

I'm not kidding: when I saw the title of this blog and the first couple of sentences, I clasped my hand to my mouth and gasped. I am so excited! I love musical theater, love feminist conversation and am very excited to see them come together with people who are also interested! Yay! (I'm almost embarrassed at how excited I am about this, until I realize that I am among others who are just as excited!)

As a feminist and a musical

As a feminist and a musical theatre nerd (which often intersect), I am SO excited to read your posts! I often struggle with trying to explain to my friends what it is about the medium of musical theatre that is so fantastic and uniquely engaging. Looking forward to another person's point of view!

Thanks for the kind words,

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

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