Strange Sex Ed Tools from Around the World!

I'm always interested in how people in different regions, cultures and religions go about teaching sex ed. While I got the two awkward puberty videos in elementary school and a few "this is a vagina" overhead project lessons in high school, I think almost everything I knew about sex growing up came from Seinfeld. I recently bought this art book 1000 Extraordinary Objects which is, as you'd imagine, page after page of extraordinary objects. A whole section is devoted to "the body" and lays out artifacts of sex ed from around the world, most of them handmade. I spent a while poring over the pages and think they're worth sharing—their funny, homemade, simple look definitely beats my television and overhead slides for creativity.

sex_ed_dolls.jpgKar Kar and Tak Tak: Designed in 1997 by the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) as part of a sex education campaign, the dolls fit together to demonstrate intercourse. Tak Tak ("tak" means "moral" in Cantonese) and Kar Kar ("kar" means family) have similar faces so children can understand the equality of the sexes. "Tak Tak and Kar Kar can be used to perform a puppet show on topics like giving birth, knowing one's private parts and pubery changes," explains David Cheng of the association. A valuable service: Parents polled in one Hong Kong survey turned out to be too ignorant about sex to teach their children the facts of life. According to a FPAHK 1996 youth sexuality study, 78 percent of children in Hong Kong learn about sex from pornography and mass media.

Vulva Puppet: Having trouble locating your clitoris (or your partner's)? Get a vulva puppet, a soft velvet and satin toy in striking colors. The package includes a detailed map of a woman's erogenous zones. Just US$75 could improve your sex life forever.

Breastfeeding Doll:Alternate breasts when feeding a baby, so one doesn't dry up. This tip comes from Betsy and Ponchi, two dolls used in Peru to teach children about gestation, birth and breast feeding. The handmade dolls come with a pouch that holds a small baby doll to simulate pregnancy and birth. A snap on the baby doll's mouth lets you attach it to the breast soon after birth.

and this isn't used for sex ed, but it's an unsettling lesson all its own:

Pepsi Baby Bottle: First drink. From the moment you're born, you can be just like mom and drink out of a Pepsi bottle. Munchkin Bottling, Inc. introduced the brand-name plastic bottle in 1992 with the slogan "A Bottle a Mother Could Love." The new 6cl size has silicone nipples and is tapered for little hands.

by Sarah Mirk
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Sarah Mirk is the former host of Bitch Media’s podcast Popaganda. She’s interested in gender, history, comics, and talking to strangers. You can follow her on Twitter

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is it weird that i totally want a vulva puppet?!

I sewed my own!

I sewed my own!


Kar Kar's genitals might be exposed, but the makers felt the need to cover her chest (and both she and Tak Tak have shoes!).


Maybe the makers of the book just wanted to show off some of the add-ons that the dolls come with.

or maybe

Since these dolls are also used a visual aids for learning about puberty, my guess is that the bra is there because most girls start to wear bras around that age (lets just home they let them know its optional and not mandatory).

See quote:
"Tak Tak and Kar Kar can be used to perform a puppet show on topics like giving birth, knowing one's private parts and pubery changes,"

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