Syke!This weekend saw the long-anticipated premiere of The Wanda Sykes Show, which airs Saturday nights on Fox. (That’s right, this is my second post in a row regarding an out [and outstanding] lesbian performer on the Fox network.) Wanda Sykes made a strong debut with her usual style of laid-back indignation and smart-assed digs. It’s no surprise that she’s great in a talk-show format. What is surprising is how much she gets away with. Sykes did a sketch about eco-friendly sex toys. She spoke up for gay marriage. She ripped on Fox News. Wait, what network are we watching again?

Sure, Fox was built on controversial comedy (Married with Children, Ally McBeal, The Family Guy, etc.) but shows like those offended both moralizing conservatives and moralizing liberals, so everyone was happy. Sykes took an unmistakably leftist stance within the first minute of her monologue, as if to send a message that her opinions would not be compromised for her paycheck. The feeling that she was getting away with something made it all the more fun to watch, but I wonder how far she can go before Fox tries to rein her in.

Following the monologue and sketches, guests including Mary-Lynn Rajskub, Darryl Chill Mitchell and Phil Keoghan joined Sykes around a bar and were immediately asked to discuss spanking kids vs. screaming at them. This was followed by a random look at recreational space travel, and a segment called “Inappropriate Games” in which the goal was to guess which nation a famous Asian person originated from. Despite the booze, the guests were visibly uncomfortable with the topics and succumbed to some awkward pauses. Sykes, however, was perfectly at ease, and almost thrived on the tension that resulted from people being pushed beyond their comfort zones. Stirring the pot is what she does best, and conversations with her guests are no exception.

I hope feminists will support The Wanda Sykes Show before it’s too late. (Never trust Fox to keep good shows on TV). Check out the full episode below and share your thoughts!

by Juliana Tringali
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Awww.. where's the vid?

Awww.. where's the vid?

Are you using Firefox?

Are you using Firefox? If so, try another browser. There have been issues.


can't watch hulu vids in canada. :(

I liked this a lot, but!

were the Asian stereotypes at all necessary? Did they add anything? I thought the Inappropriate Games segment was smart and critical, but Wanda's crap-talk about Chinese posteriors was not--especially coming just minutes after an Asian-men-have-small-penises joke. (Seriously, when will that one die?)

I know it's wrong to expect that someone will be culturally sensitive just because she's a woman of color; however, I expect more of Wanda because dude, in addition to being stupid, stereotype jokes are just boring.

Wandamazing, thank you

Thank you for posting the Hulu Video of Wanda Sykes. I rarely watch Fox because of their politics, but Wanda Sykes is amazing. She sure caught Ann Coldsore by surprise with that eyelash routine. That was funny. I rarely see those right wing hacks have such a hard time to coming up with their usual memorized talking point drivel. I guess Wanda must have great ratings (deservedly so), otherwise Fox probably wouldn't be able to deal with her politics. I love it.

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