Having recently returned to New York from Detroit’s Allied Media Conference and two stops in the Midwest on my nationwide book tour, I am feeling reinvigorated by the innovative grassroots organizing work happening all over the country, enabling participation in communities of support and healing. Being a radical activist can be alienating, from both mainstream society and those who broker power in organizations that participate in more traditional types of organizing. Coming into this series I was unsure of how readers would respond to some of my less popular criticisms of street harassment’s framing, but given the overwhelmingly positive response, I end this series feeling hopeful about street harassment’s future in the grand scheme of social justice.

Since no online action-based work should end without instruction on how to get involved in offline organizing (the metaphorical “taking to the streets”), here are a few places* where your own anti-street harassment activism might find a suitable home:

Blank Noise (India)
Fighting Street Harassment of Women in Yemen (Yemen)
Girls for Gender Equity (NYC)
Harass Map (Egypt)
Helping Our Teen Girls (Atlanta)
Holla Back DC! (Washington, DC)
LASH Campaign (London)
ObjecDEFY (Jordan)
Safe Delhi Campaign (India)

Many thanks to everyone who has participated in this series! Without struggle, there is no change. And without change, there is no progress.

Photo credit: Grassroots Youth Collaborative (Taken at the Allied Media Conference 2011)

* This list of organizations is excerpted from Stop Street Harassment. Additional organizations and other resources can be found on their Community Action page.

by Mandy Van Deven
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