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At long last, there’s a place for y’all to start systematically giving us your thoughts and feedback about the future direction of B-Word/Bitch. Please go here to complete our survey! The survey will be up until December 31st. Please spread the word… Thanks!

by Debbie Rasmussen
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Oh, Cyndi...

Thanks for that video! How is/was she soooo amazing? And that hair! *swoooon*

Problem with survey

The question that asks you to rank the importance of seeing criticism on certain issues isn't working. It won't let you choose the same ranking for more than one category. FYI!


I think the point of that question is to force you to rank those 10 categories in order of importance to you. Just assign each category a different number and it works fine.

Some more survey listening

<a href="">Jen Angel</a> has some food for thought regarding the state of independent print magazines. A worthwhile listen before, or while taking the survey. Note: It's the second feature. You may need to listen to the "white spaces" feature before hearing her.

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