Tell Us Your Favorite Feminist Twitters!


The Short: Leave us comments with your favorite feminist/Bitch related Twitter accounts!

The Long: We’re putting together feminist Twitter reccomendations for our readers. There’s no way our high-tech-feminist-radar-supercomputer could find all of the good Twitters, so we need your help! We want writers, blogs, media producers, personalities (Feminist Hulk, anyone?) or anyone that you think might be of interest to our other readers. We’ll feed all of your submissions back into the supercomputer, along with some submissions of our own, press “enhance” and then we’ll have our very own (very rough) reader-collaborative guide to Twitter!

Get the submissions rolling!

by Mac Pogue
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my favorite feminist twitters


@MarthaPlimpton @JenKirkman


@mediocreventure @bluemilk @w




There are so many!

I have a list of feminist bloggers to follow on Twitter here:!/jarrahpenguin/feminist-bloggers/members

Some faves off the top of my head are @jaclynf @msmagazine @AntoniaZ @emmamwoolley @MargaretAtwood @YWCA_Canada @womensmediacntr @jessyee @jennpozner...

Ok I'd better stop now but I could go on

-Jarrah (@jarrahpenguin)

@feministing @lilithfund @wom


feminist twitters!

<p>@chaneldubofsky and @fatandtheivy</p>

@erinweed @girlsfightback




Fav Fem Twitters!

and, of course, @msmagazine

my recommendations

i'm still super new to twitter so i would love to see a resource list! i'm already following bitch, but here are a few others i love:


favourite feminist fashion bloggers on twitter:

So many good twitters! Keep

So many good twitters! Keep them coming in, everybody!

@jaclynf @feministhulk (of

@feministhulk (of course!)

Fave Feminists on Twitter


Favorite #fem2 Tweeters


To follow the larger feminist Twitter conversation

There are just SO many great feminists on Twitter. It got to the point where I wanted to follow them in a more structured way (order freak). To keep track of "all" of them (it's forever a work in progress), I started saving them onto lists.

Right now there are 327 on my feminist blogger list:!/bibliofeminista/feminist-bloggers/members

and 301 on my women's/feminist organization list:!/bibliofeminista/women-s-feminist-orgs/members

I'm sure there are hundreds more!

feminist tweeters

Great picks everyone.. I also strongly recommend:




Fav Feminist Twitters


I'm surprised

I'm surprised @RaisingBoychick isn't on this list yet. Arwyn is the best.







Favourite feminist tweeters

@DawnHFoster @bigmouthedwoman @incurablehippie plus I love the geek feminist blog.

Favorite Feminist Tweeters


Tweeps and such

Great feminist accounts to follow although they don't interact, or not much:

Some really nice tweeps who are feminists:

Spent some time putting the links to those accounts, but then couldn't post it as it was considered spam. So be warned, don't waste your time on that.



Fem Tweeters


@FeministBreeder @phdinParent


just some of my picks...


and b/c hell...if I can't promote myself, who will? ;) @TheMamafesto

Fave Feminist tweeps


favorite feminist twitter account!

@EveEnsler is my favorite! She's been tweeting a lot lately, and you should follow her updates!

@fayelewis85 @angelinamagnum


Feminists on twitter


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