The Best Lines from 1968 Book: The Bisexual Revolution

bisexual revolution's rainbow book cover

To celebrate the release of our new Pulp issue, I dredged up a handful of pulpy 1960s bottom-of-the-barrel paperbacks from a Portland vintage store. I’ll be bringing three of these long-forgotten titles back to light this week. 

Today’s title: The Bisexual Revolution (subtitle: Sex with man or woman… it’s all the same to these broad-minded insatiables!)



The Gist:

 One of the many symptoms of today’s crazy youth movement is regular people unleashing their “latent homosexuality” in acts of sexual curiosity. This book documents—in full pornographic detail—some bisexual case studies of typical Americans, all in the name of sociology. 

Key Passage About Kids Thse Days:

“The ‘now generation’ with its free-love advocates, hippies, its political and economic unrest, wars, race riots, LSD and marijuana, its laxity of morals and greater all around permissiveness, is in the throes of what Eric Hoffer has aptly termed “the ordeal of change.”  Many of the weaker among us have been washed into the slough of sexual deviation.”

Best Expression of Lust by a Typical American Housewife After Drinking Wine Spiked with an Aphrodisiac

 “I feel like… yes! I feel like fucking!  I feel like someone has started a three-alarm fire in my cunt and I need someone to put it out! How about you, Clyde? Jesus, I’m hot! C’mon, all of you! Let’s have ourselves a real fuck-fest!”

Least Sexy Description of a Blowjob Ever:  

“Clyde’s hairy rump hovered over me like two dark clouds; his hot, sweaty testicles were resting against the bridge of my nose. His rectal stench was acrid and strong, but for some obscured reason it added immeasurably to my lust. I closed my mouth-muscles as hard as I could against his penis and sucked till my cheeks dimpled in. Then, hearing him catch his breath first in a quick series of gasps, he began to ejaculate… filling my mouth and throat with his thick, phlegmy sperm.” 

Most Important Question Raised by a Woman After Her First Bisexual Experience: 

“Did her fur-patch get as gooped-up as mine?”


Yesterday’s title: The Promiscuous Breed

Tomorrow’s title: The Different and the Damned. 

If you’re in Portland, you’re invited to our Pulp issue release party on March 6th. No matter where you live, you can read the Pulp issue online

by Sarah Mirk
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Sarah Mirk is the former host of Bitch Media’s podcast Popaganda. She’s interested in gender, history, comics, and talking to strangers. You can follow her on Twitter

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Let's all agree not to use "rectal stench" or "gooped-up" in porn, ok? Ok.


This. Was. Hilarious.

Thank you for giving me a well-needed laugh.

What do you mean "the weaker

What do you mean "the weaker of among us have been washed into the slough of sexual deviation"? It takes a taut swimming form to get washed into the slough.

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