The Biotic Woman: My Enviro-Oscars Roundup

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Even before I did my stint in a graduate film program, I was a pretty big fan of the Academy Awards. Though I’ve gotten increasingly less glamorous in my old age, I still enjoy the consistency of the red carpet style. But in terms of the environmental effects of the Academy Awards, I can only shake my head. The crazy electrical bills? The grotesque waste? The blood diamonds paraded around on loan from celebrity jewelers? All aspects I can do without. However, there were a few bright spots in terms of eco-powered celeb moments.

In the interview I saw—and in others I read—Kathryn Bigelow was first asked how she felt about competing against her ex-husband James Cameron for best director, which (perhaps not surprisingly) rubbed me the wrong way. Who cares about the constant overshadowing of her notorious adulterer “I’m the king of the world!” former hubby? It isn’t as if pseudo-eco-friendly Avatar doesn’t have massive problems with racial/gender/disability sensitivity. And it’s certainly a moot point now that Bigelow won!

But in contrast, pre-Bigelow win, one of my favorite eco-friendly highlights included Suzy Amis’s red carpet interview mention of her (and husband James Cameron’s) green elementary school in California, MUSE. While the school’s actual name wasn’t mentioned, I hope it inspired a few folks to go seek out info on the environmentally-friendly learning space that teaches environmental responsibility as part of the required curriculum.

Amis also mentioned her “green” Avatar-blue dress, the winning entry from her “Red Carpet, Green Dress” competition. The dress, designed by Michigan State University apparel and textile design student Jillian Granz, was created by Deborah Scott and put all of the women involved on the perpetual fashion map. In the video below, Granz talks about sustainable design.

Other folks like Food Inc. director Robert Kenner and Colin Firth and wife Livia Giuggioli (owners of British shop Eco Age) showed up in eco-threads. Admittedly, “greening” the Oscars is kind of ridiculous when you look at the large-scale implications of the annual spectacle. But since we aren’t likely getting rid of film-based Hollywood festivities any time soon, any particular eco-ish bright spots you found in the show?

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The Cove

I haven't seen it, but I'm glad it won Best Documentary. I'm sure Food Inc. is also good, but I didn't see that either. Hell, I haven't seen a movie in the theater since...I have no idea.

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