The Bitch High-Five: Who's Your Dream Vacation Partner?

Each month in our newsletter (sign up on the homepage if you haven’t already!), we poll Bitch staffers and readers on their top five in different categories and posting the polls and results here on the Bitch blog. So c’mon, give us five!

by Deb Jannerson
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Action Girls!

<p>Seriously? These are your picks? Booo-ring!</p>
<p>My Pick: Penny Lane from <em>Almost Famous</em>: Follow awesome up-and-coming 70s rock bands across the country and party backstage with all of them! Also, fabulous outfits and lots and lots of scarves.</p>

My Pick

Cristal Conners, Showgirls! Tour of the Champagne region of France because..."This isn't champagne. This... is HOLY WATER."

too smart?

I want to go on vacation with women who are way smarter than I am, like Naomi Klein or Vandana Shiva. Not very relaxing but I'd rather be guaranteed interesting conversation :)

I think I would hang out with

I think I would hang out with Mel and go to flight of the conchords concerts.




LARA CROFT! Crazy adventures everywhere!

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