The Box's Crush of the Week: Joel McHale

If you love TV but don’t have time to watch all of it, then you should at least be watching The Soup. It’s the best way to get caught up on all the bizarre moments you missed on soap operas, obscure reality shows, and even regional morning newscasts. A team of writers and interns for the show actually devotes their day to watching TV and then goofing on it for our entertainment. What better way for feminists to keep tabs on the world of pop culture?

But the best reason to watch is Joel McHale. His criticisms are sharp, his delivery is hilarious, and his suits are mesmerizing. (I totally want to kiss him.)

The Soup isn’t exactly feminist programming — they’ll make a joke at just about anyone’s expense — but bringing a critical eye to pop culture is always a good thing in my book. Plus, it’s quick and fun way to find the weird/interesting/offensive stuff on TV for those of us who enjoy bringing our own feminist critiques to the mainstream. Check it out on E! Fridays at 10pm.

Did I mention that Joel McHale has a dog? (Swoon!)

Joel, Lou, and greenscreen

by Juliana Tringali
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I totally agree! The Soup is

I totally agree!
The Soup is absolutely amazing; I really can't say anything more than you have. :)
Except that his dog's name is Lou. :)

It's Miley!

It's Miley!

its a felony

its a felony


I'm glad someone finally shares my sentiments! Joel is dreamy.

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