The Britney Advocate

I can't help myself from reading the latest installment in Britney's saga, which just gets increasingly depressing and weird.  Overall, I feel a great sadness for one very lost woman and the fate of her children.  The latest news about her "manager" stealing from her, controlling her with pills and pimping her to paparazzi is shocking and yet, I'm not sure how different Sam Lufti is from Britney's own parents.  This story should alert everyone to the dangers of not educating one's children while throwing them to the wolves of intense media scrutiny.  You'd think the pitfalls of turning a person into commodity would be obvious and yet, parents choose that fate for their children on a regular basis.  It's unfortunate that someone with drug, alcohol and psychiatric problems is exposed for ratings and yet, the media has no comment on the crucial role they've played themselves in orchestrating Britney's "fall".  And PS, I think her album is pretty good for radio pop.  Hear a review from NPR's Ken Tucker here.

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