The Consumed Issue is out!

Bitch’s Fall 2009 Consumed issue is hitting mailboxes and newsstands as we speak! If you can’t wait (or aren’t a subscriber), check out a few of the articles online—“Ladies’ Camp Rock,” “Feast of Burden,” and a point/counterpoint on Meghan McCain.

And peep our snappy new layout below. (For those of you who are pink-averse, know that upcoming issues will have a rotating second color.)


by Andi Zeisler
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Andi Zeisler is the cofounder of Bitch Media and the author of We Were Feminists Once: From Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl®, the Buying and Selling of a Political Movement. You can find her on Twitter.

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New Issue

Finally! I can't wait to read it! I've been reading the Noir issue over and over hoping it will magically contain new material.

Thank Corin!

I was so disappointed when I got this new issue and it was swimming in this nauseating pink color; I felt so set back, but I'm glad to hear there will be other colors to come!

I was so excited to see it

I was so excited to see it had arrived, I did a little dance, and even more so to see my letter on page 9. Hmm, though... you responded to my mixed feelings on an article with "Thanks for your concern on behalf of our page count." I hope this wasn't meant snarkily; I have nothing but love for you ladies, and that's why I share my thoughts on the rare occasion that I'm not totally pleased.
Anyway...the new issue looks beautiful. Keep up the good work!

It took me 5 five minutes to

It took me 5 five minutes to find the continuation to the "Litter Bugged" story. There was no "continued on page" for that. Pg 79 for everyone else who had to search.

Not pink adverse perse... more tiny white type on blocky colored backgrounds. My new reading glasses already make me feel old enough without having to squint *while* I'm using them.'s not pink perse, just how it's been used.


Haven't gotten mine in the mail yet, but now I'll be checking for it every 5 seconds >_< Not so sure about the pink colored ink though. It would be nice if you alternated the colors from issue to issue, but perhaps that is too much to ask.

please, never again

I love you, Bitch Magazine. But please, please, PLEASE never use pink ink again. This issue is unreadable. Started flipping the pages, and it hurt my eyes so bad I decided against purchasing it. It's blinding, and I have a glare-resistant coating on my glasses. Please, please, never again!

I have issues

I buy two women's magazines: The first is a feminist-ish magazine which panders to what I admit is my masochistic need to be taught how to dress and look. The parameters of the beauty I strive for under the direction of this magazine are broadened... by about an inch and a half around the waist and bust. They are still not so broad as to include acne scars, stretch marks, frizzy hair, obesity, wrinkles, aged beauty in general or in a most recent spread: bicycle helmets. Articles about taking control of my finances are juxtaposed next to accessories and lists of must-have gifts in the hundreds of dollars. I like this magazine but recognize that it's a "Suicide Girl." The same large breasts in leather.

The second is Bitch, whose most recent issue disappointed me over and over again. The price was higher at the store where I bought it. The pink, which I first noticed on the beehive graphic on the website confused me: Are we taking back pink, a color which has for a long time served to signify to little girls which toys are theirs, which clothes are theirs, which life will be theirs, like we've taken back the words "bitch" and "cunt"? Or is the pink to signify to me that this is a ladies' magazine?

Was also prematurely excited when I saw the call for the Bitch Leadership Council, with age limits that parallel America's Next Top Model. I'll be too old for this in a month. It made me wonder if I'm too old for it right now.

I would like to say that I

I would like to say that I had no trouble reading the magazine- white type on pink background included. I am against the color adversion that others are professing and quite liked the new layout and even - gasp- the pink.


i love the cover, very creative.

terrible new layout

While the content of this issue is just as great as ever, the layout is awful! The pepto-pink everywhere, the numerous articles that continue on another page somewhere deep in the back, and the "Litter Bugged" article which is missing a word and doesn't tell you where it continues! I really hope Bitch can make some changes so it is again easy to read and doesn't hurt the eyes.

I agree the pink is VERY

I agree the pink is VERY hard on the eyes. I don't love the new layout but I don't hate it either.


I find the pink as overwhelming and hard to read through as previous posters have mentioned, but I think another colour used the same way would be just as hard on the eyes. I'll take black and white and shades of grey any day.

Where the story ends

I know I'm a little late in the game here, but I really only got on to find out about the "Litterbugged Story". That was poorly edited. I should not have to come online to search for where the rest of the story is, or search for it period. Also, the direction should have come from a member of the magazine, not an online user.

I also don't like the pink, but that's only because I just don't like pink. I didn't have trouble reading it. I agree with another poster on here about the underlying anti-feminist connotations of the color though, and think perhaps another color would better suit the purpose of the magazine.

Now, I'm off to *finally* finish the article!

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