The First Lady Fashion Show

Even though Michelle Obama is getting the opportunity to do things like use her family’s eating habits as a positive model of nutrition, in other ways, I can’t help but feel like the majority of coverage about her is regarding her style icon status and her ‘duties’ at the White House—and those things obviously pale in comparison to what the woman is capable of offering. Check out Kristen Schaal’s ‘report’ on The Daily Show.

by Briar Levit
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Completely agree.

It's unfortunate that the mainstream media is focusing on Michelle's clothes and bare arms as if this was her sole agenda as First Lady. They're now doing it with Jill Biden: <a href=" in Style Command.</a>

It reminds me of some of the interviews with the Obamas when Barack had just been elected - interviewers asking her about leaving her career for her husband's. She made it a point to say that it was her choice, that her family was her number one priority but there was still a lot that needed to be done in the wake of the Bush administration - taking care of military families and making sure they are treated the way they should be for their willingness to give their life, or their loved ones' lives, for their country. Well, Michelle explains this work much more eloquently than me:

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I wish I could somehow bottle those wonderful answers and throw it at all the pundits who start gabbing about Michelle's latest dress/shoe combination or postulate how many guys she could take on with her ripped arms. I'm pretty sure, though, that Michelle will show everyone in the next 4 (8?) years that she has much to offer.

And hey, <a href="
/playerIndex?id=7074721">the lady's got a great sense of humor about all of it.</a> That's super classy, if you ask me!

Thank you

That was, as you suggested, a great interview that focused on what's actually important: the issues Michelle Obama endorses. I, too, have been frustrated with the fact that all the media seems to talk about is what she wears (she's on the cover of Vogue!), because it diverts focus from her as an intelligent, autonomous being. I think it's important that the public confronts this image of the first lady as a mannequin.

I do think Michelle Obama

I do think Michelle Obama has a lot more to offer than personal style. However, what is unfortunate is that the position of First Lady really doesn't bestow more power or opportunity for the women to use their actual talents and intellect. I would like there to be a formal, institutionalized, paid position for First Ladies so they don't have to walk that line.

On the other hand, it's not necessarily a disservice to women that the media is focusing on Michelle Obama's style choices. Other than corporations and the fashion elite, First Ladies are in a unique position to change how society views style and propriety when it comes to women's clothing. By showing her arms and not wearing god-awful pantyhose, women in the workforce may not have to abide by some of the ridiculous dress codes that are in place now, once people get used to the more modern style worn by Michelle. I am thinking back to one particularly awful office job I took where women couldn't go sleeveless, pantyhose required with skirts, no open toe/open back shoes.... do you have any idea how much money it cost to outfit myself for that job? Ugh.

I think she will take on more important issues, but in the meantime (like it or not) style and fashion affect most of us to some extent and it will be nice if the norms become more lenient and modernized. Also, there is STILL that stereotype that women are intelligent/dowdy, stupid/stylish and it's great that young girls can see that being stylish, intelligent, and down-to-earth are not mutually exclusive.

Sarah Haskin's hilarious

Sarah Haskin's hilarious self in one post and Kristen Schaal in the next? I'm in funny lady heaven. Now I need to go look up Amy Poehler on YouTube.

When Schaal kissed those sick pythons and called them "Susan B. Anthony and Sacajawea" I spit out my coffee.

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