The Illustrated Adventures of Vaginal Davis


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Artist Ali Fitzgerald reports from the home of Berlin-based Vaginal Davis, the influential performance artist whose shows can be described as “giddy, satirical stabs at the old-world order, levelling criticism at white privilege and the patriarchy with nuanced wit and game-show-style camp.”

Fitzgerald turned her interview with Davis into this original comic for Bitch.

The adventures of vaginal davis

A comic about the life of Vaginal Davis, a Berlin based artist

Ali Fitzgerald is a Berlin-based artist and writer whose work has been featured in the New York Timesthe Huffington PostArt in AmericaArtlies!Afar Magazine and Sugarhigh Berlin. She writes regularly for the PBS blog Art21 and Daily Serving and has an infrequently updated blog about her debauched adventures around Berlin.

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Love this artist's style and

Love this artist's style and her mode of storytelling. Hope to keep seeing more of her work in Bitch.

More of this artist and more

More of this artist and more of this interview, please!

Yes, more please! This was

Yes, more please! This was awesome and way too short :)

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