Bitch Tapes: The Journeys Mix

Travels by bus, tram or foot. Journeys of emotion and personal
development. Trips to the other side of the globe or back to the womb.
It’s all right here in this mix. Enjoy—it’s Friday, y’all!

Down the Dolce Vita, Peter Gabriel
Hunter, Bjork
Honey Pie, The Beatles
Back in the Box, David Byrne,
Driving with Nowhere to Go, Dizzie Rascal
I’m on the 73, Global Goon
Planet Claire, The B-52s
Inaugural Trams, The Super Furry Animals
Walking Down the Highway, Graham Coxon
The Group Who Couldn’t Say, Grandaddy
College, Lil’ Mama
Ramble On, Led Zep
Gotta Travel On, Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys
Ready Let’s Go, Boards of Canada
Bag Lady, Erykah Badu
Go Your Own Way, Fleetwood Mac
Le Voyage de Penelope, Air

by Briar Levit
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