The Lady is a Tramp: Kim Cattrall Isn't A Cougar...and Neither is Samantha

Andrea Plaid
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Yes, I said Samantha from Sex and the City is a Size Queen. But I’d never call Samantha a cougar.

Neither would Kim Cattrall–and she refuses the label for herself. To the point she refused to pose with an actual cougar on a highly popular magazine aimed at women over 40. (Just watch the first 40 seconds. The rest of the interview is standard feature-writing 101, ice-breaker questions.)

Thank you, Kim, for some common sense!

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i'm not sure i agree that we should buy into the negative connotations of "cougar." if we can reclaim the word "bitch," we can claim "cougar" as our own.

LOVE her. Smart cookie.

LOVE her. Smart cookie.

I'm a Samantha

I don't want to claim the word "cougar!" Why should any relationship be defined by the ages of the participants?

Kim is one of the most

Kim is one of the most beautiful women on screen...... thank you for doing your job and bringing Samantha to you......your gay lover!

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