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Andrea Plaid
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Curious to see where people were at regarding safer-sex stuff nowadays, I posed a simple question to my Twitter followers/followees:

If you could bundle the perfect safer-sex kit, what would you put in it? No judgments, just doing some research…

Here are the results of my utterly unscientific and unabashedly unrepresentative (sample group too small) survey about what people want in their safer-sex kits.

Most responders would pack in their kits (in descending order):

–condoms (various sizes/textures/flavors)
–lube (either H2O- or glycerin-based),
–a sex toy
–dental dams
–Plan B
–disposable towelettes (aka wipes)
–finger cots
–underwear (edible & non)
–lip gloss or lip balm
–sex-toy cleaner

Some other fascinating answers: erotica, honey, blindfolds, map, perfume, lingerie, feathers, and lollipops. My pal Liza Sabater even wrote a response post to my question.

What fascinated me the most, though, was who responded: I received nine responses from self-identified women and three from self-identified men. (No one who identified as gender-nonconforming responded.) The women answered my question on Twitter, where I originally posted the question. The men responded after I approached them in real life, either face-to-face or on phone. But it’s not as if I don’t have male or gender-nonconforming followers on Twitter….

Still, 3:1.

The <a href=”>Guttmacher Institute says this about condom use:

–18% of U.S. women who use contraception rely on their partner’s condom use.
–7.3 million women use barrier contraceptives, such as the male condom. Condom use is especially common among teens, 20–24-year-olds, childless women and never-married women.
–45% of teenage women who practice contraception use condoms, either alone (19%) or with another method (25%).

Considering these stats, people still use—and like to use—condoms. The responses to my small survey seem to say that women are, at least, vocal in wanting them, whether or not it’s the only prophylactic they want to use. And it’s not as if the guys I asked didn’t want rubbers in their kits—it was the first answer all three of them gave—but I just find the relative silence by the men online baffling.


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I would supply....

......the ability of folks to "just say no" to sketchy partners. No, I'm not advocating abstinence. I'm advocating using good judgment-- something that is clearly lacking in so many.

I would add a diaphragm, and

I would add a diaphragm, and spermicide (one of my methods)!

sex kit?

Vitamin C tablets because uncommon flora is not your friend.

handcuffs are dangerous

Handcuffs can cause nerve damage and should never be in a safer sex kit--leather or vegan cuffs on the other hand are delightful.

Also--glycerin based lubes ARE water based, they just have a lot of glycerin in them that is a sugar. They can cause yeast infections and sticky sex. glycerin free water based lubes are awesome, as are silicone lubes as long as you aren't using silicone sex toys.

A small bullet vibrator is perfect to add in a kit--they're wonderful.

I work as a health educator

I work as a health educator on a college campus. Our safe sex kits are incredibly popular among our students, and are often the first experience they get to sex education (due to varying background experiences and education). '

We include:

-male condoms
-lube (water based)
-a hand out on how to use a condom properly
-a hand out on how to turn a male condom into a dental dam
-a list of the testing services our lab provides, as testing for STIs regularly is a huge part of practicing safer sex
-a business card for our free Sexual Health Consultations, which can be performed one-on-one or with partners. Sexual health Consultations do not discriminate against gender expression or sexual orientation, either.
-a list of places that actively provide Plan B (like our on campus pharmacy)
-and a list of things that you should do/have with you when going out (ie- watch your drink, party with a buddy, what to do in case of an emergency, symptoms of alcohol poisoning, etc etc.

Around Valentine's day, which usually falls during National Condom Week, we also have a "make your own Condom-gram" station that allows people to make a safe sex treat bag with goodies, condoms, and lube to give to their valentines, partners or friends.


so, why no gloves? non-latex are great and come in fun colors.

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