This made me smile

Sorry for the terrible photo quality—I took this with my phone out the window of a car on the way to my acupuncture appointment the other day. I wanted to stop on the way back and get a better shot, but I was late getting the car back (I don't have my own but use the awesome City Car Share program when I can't bike or get somewhere on pubic transit), so I couldn't.

Modified billboard at Ashby and Sacramento

it's one of those plain graffiti-style ads for one of the dumb-looking movies of the moment, and it now says: "My mother always hated you, capitalism."


by Lisa Jervis
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I took the same picture!

My partner and I were driving to his work and were running late. However, I saw the sign, and we had to turn around a few blocks up and come back to take about 10 pictures on our camera phones. Unfortunately, by the end of the workday, it was covered up by a generic "Your ad here" kind of poster. That made me regret our broken digital camera.

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