This Week in Trailers: Beyonce Remakes Fatal Attraction and Paul Rudd Makes...a Brom-Com?


Beyonce, Ali Larter (Heroes) and Idris Elba (The Wire) star in this update of the ‘80’s backlash classic Fatal Attraction:

Obsessed replays the Fatal Attraction formula pretty faithfully, with a few key changes. Instead of an older, successful career woman with biological ticking timebomb who seduces and stalks a man who has been complicit in an affair with her, the villain in Obsessed is a young temp using the workplace as a “hunting ground” who stalks a man guilty of not much more than flirting and making out with her at a holiday party (if the trailer is to be believed, even that is cajoled by Larter’s character). Since this is a PG-13 movie, it’s not surprising that there’s no sex, but this change also seems part of a larger effort to make Elba’s character as much a victim as Larter’s character is the psycho villian. The trailer works hard to imply that there’s a he-said/she-said battle of perceptions here, but it looks like what Obsessed is really tapping into is a male fear of being victimized by a system that women can easily manipulate (as if…) Added to all of that is a climactic girlfight between a half-clothed Larter and Beyonce, who plays the devoted (and, yes, fierce!) wife and mother. My prediction: dumb, dull and offensive.

I Love You, Man

In I Love You, Man, Paul Rudd stars as a “girlfriend guy” who embarks on a quest to find a best man for his wedding:

On the one hand, I Love You, Man engages a completely interesting subject: how do men find, cultivate and maintain friendships with other men? On the other hand, the movie seems to reinforce the same gender essentialism that romantic comedies trade in - call it a bromantic comedy. Peter is a buttoned-up, polite guy who prefers the company of women and loves The Devil Wears Prada - as a result, he gets mistaken for being gay. It’s only after he meets an uber dude played by Jason Segel that he seems to discover his inner (real? straight?) manliness. Good or bad, are either of these premises weighty enough to actually carry a movie? Probably not, but if the filmmakers add an ample amount of potty humor, they might pull off something close to Apatow-lite. Oddly enough, what I really like about this trailer is Rashida Jones’ character. She appears to be a thoughtful, composed, funny, anti-bridezilla who encourages her fiance to explore his own life and interests. That’s something you don’t see in too many rom-coms - or Judd Apatow films.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Okay, okay, we get it: Wolverine is, like, an epic superhero. And he’s really tortured - after all, he’s had at least two of the women he’s loved die in his arms! And yeah, this flick is going to be amazing eye candy (Wolverine ghost rides a helicopter! Liev Schreiber is Sabretooth!). But I can’t be the only fangirl out there who is at least a little bit disappointed that with the 2006 X-Men: The Last Stand and Wolverine, Marvel has taken the X-Men film franchise in a decidedly boy-centered direction. How long do you think it will be before we get an X-Men Origins: Storm film? Oh, right. Never. Bleah.

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I will nevereverever complain about there being too much Wolverine in the world, but I agree that the franchise is selling its female characters down the river. Both Storm and Jean Grey were utterly dull in the last movie (well, everything in the last movie was dull, but their dullness stood out).

I'll keep my fingers crossed for an Emma Frost movie.

Don't they actually show

Don't they actually show emma frost in the trailer? But yeah I really would like to see a good female centered superhero movie (Sorry catwomen and Elecktra) But Wonder Women still might be on the horizon....


Was Douglas as emasculated as this guy seems to be in Obsessed? Larter uses the male office as a hunting ground, with the dudes being the gentle forest creatures that are her prey, presumably, then he seems helpless to stop him until Beyonce fights his own fight for him. Was this how Fatal Attraction went down?

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