Time out for some zine love

A few good ones I've stumbled upon recently.  

Bitte Liebling ("Please darling" in Deutsche). As the subtitle, Hot Queer Action, suggests, it's a porn zine, so if you're not into that kind of thing, move on to the next one. But for others, the latest issue (#4) includes a very special photo essay in which Bitch magazine is, uh, prominently featured. Curious? Contact Frau Carissa to fetch your copy. 

Bitte Liebling

At Daggers Drawn, a beautiful rendition of a classic insurrectionary pamphlet. Published by Eberhardt Press, a Portland-based press committed to bringing anti-authoritarian and anarchist voices to print. 

At Daggers Drawn

Keep Loving Keep Fighting/I Hate This Part of Texas. A split zine done by two long-time New Orleans residents who reflect on Hurricane Katrina. Sad, somber, simple, hopeful.

Keep Loving Keep Fighting/I Hate This Part of Texas

And two more for now. In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb was created in response to Nicole Georges' Spring Break '08 Challenge. The assignment was for people to create zines about what they did during spring break, to be exchanged with folks across ages. A sweet idea, and a sweet zine about doing aerobics, going on a solo road trip, and looking forward to turning 30.

7 Minutes in Heaven is a zine about growing up Christian and queer, feeling like an outsider – with a beautiful cover illustration by Lisa Koluvek, who will be doing an art show here at Bitch in a couple months. If you're interested, email spokesofhazard@gmail.com or erinrosefairchild@yahoo.com.

7 Minutes in Heaven and In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb




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