True Blood: Authority Always Wins

Did you watch True Blood on Sunday? The Authority made an appearance (creepy kid and Christopher Meloni included), Tara lost it all over Sookie’s house, and Sheriff Andy reminded us that “assmunch” is an underused insult. And (thank Lilith!) Pam was still wearing that kitty cat sweatsuit! Looking good as always.

The Authority looking like he might stake the crap out of Bill
Don’t mess with Meloni.

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Previously: Turn! Turn! Turn!

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All of the scenes with the

All of the scenes with the Authority and the vampire religious stuff had me rolling my eyes so hard they almost fell out of my head. I still can't decide whether I think it's a good or bad kind of silliness, but either way it's overwhelmingly silly.

I'm really hopeful about Tara's storyline after "I'll never forgive either of you." She SHOULDN'T forgive them! Especially not Sookie. In fact, overall I hope Sookie gets called out on all of her bullshit this season and is forced to actually develop as a character. It might happen.

Pam's Turning

I thought pam was actually erik's mother and was turned during that scene where Godric came to the viking village that had been ravaged, and erik and pam were laying there and he "saved" them? This was during the time they were in Russell's house in jackson trying to get Bill back, and erik was dreaming about the past, or remembering?

Gave up on this show last season

I found the books so much more interesting. Sookie, especially, is an interesting, complex woman in the books. On TV? She's an excuse for Alexander Skarsgard to be shown fucking someone. I had gotten really bored with the show a couple of seasons back. Probably by the second season, really. (We're on HBO! We can show tits!) I tried to stick with it, then decided I had better things to do on Sunday evenings.

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