True Blood: Hopeless

Last night’s True Blood may have been “Hopeless,” but the return of Russell Edgington’s witty retorts, Roman’s hilarious golf shirt, and that made-for-fan-fic scene between Eric and Alcide has us hopeful for the rest of the season.

Christopher Meloni wearing a blue polo shirt
Party Roman likes to party.

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Live-Tweeting True Blood, Episode Six

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Buckle up Bon Tempers, it’s #TrueBlood time! I’m @KelseyMWallace. Let’s tweet!BitchMedia LiveTweet
Do you think they’re using the CGI direwolves from #GameofThrones for this scene? Probs in their contract. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Eric bored after 1,000 years? How could he be with these Bill Compton Hardy Boy shenanigans afoot? #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Aw, what’s a little fangfight between BFFs? I hope Jessica and Tara patch this up. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Way to go Tara! “Proud the way a human is proud of a well-trained dog” is a MAJOR COMPLIMENT coming from Pam, don’t you think? #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
30 seconds in to the Terry subplot and I am already bored. Get thee back to Felicity, sarge! #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
If I had a dollar for every time I shouted “MAKE OUT!” at the TV during #TrueBlood I could buy Merlotte’s Tavern.BitchMedia LiveTweet
Eric is wolfcockblocking the shit out of Alcide right now. No fair using glamouring! #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Be careful, Emma. That’s the same grandma who ate your dad’s guts. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
“There’s a piece of my boy in her.” There’s a piece of your boy in YOU, lady! #TrueBlood #YouAteHimBitchMedia LiveTweet
I like how in rare scenes where Mangianello has a shirt, #TrueBlood works in shirtless flashbacks in case we forgot what his pecs look like.BitchMedia LiveTweet
When did we decide this “supes” slang term was acceptable? Not a real word, Sam. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Oh, so NOW the werewolf world decides to follow Robert’s Rules of Order? #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
If Meloni pops the collar on that golf shirt we all have to drink. #PartyMeloni #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
He just said “too cool for school”! I am dying. Why is Casual Roman so funny? #PartyMeloniForPrez #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
I’ve always hated Bill, but I’ve gotta admit: This creepy, fundie, execution-loving, homoerotic version of him is growing on me. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
After all that’s happened to her over the past two years, how could Arlene say “there’s no such thing as a curse”? SRSLY? #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Imma let you fairies finish, but Fangtasia is one of the best supernatural nightclubs OF ALL TIME. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
He “smelled him going into survival mode”? Can Sam smell me rolling my eyes, too? UGH. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Prediction: Salome and Russell are working together, and Party Meloni’s keg stands are numbered. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
See?! That’s what happens when you rely on your iPhone execution app, Meloni. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
At least he died wearing his most party of party shirts. #TrueBlood #WellMissYouPartyMeloniBitchMedia LiveTweet
Next week on #TrueBlood: How Russell Got His Groove Back. Tweet up then!BitchMedia LiveTweet

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