True Blood: Somebody That I Used to Know

It was a come to Jesus meeting in more ways than one on last night’s True Blood.

Bill and Eric covered in blood
Best Mardi Gras ever?

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Live-Tweeting True Blood, Episode Eight

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“Fuck me.” That’s exactly what is going to happen if Sam and Sam-looking Luna get it on later, amirite? #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
It’s been a week and I still love this psychedelic Mardi Gras storyline. PARTY! #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
“It’s fine. You got me in the head.” You’ve gotta love that Jason Stackhouse. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Sookie’s right—her meeting Bill was pretty much the worst. He and Eric make a MUCH better couple. #MakeOut #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Sam/Luna’s shirt says “Free Mustache Rides” doesn’t it? Nice touch, #TrueBlood.BitchMedia LiveTweet
Cool that you’re born again or whatever Russell, but when do we get to see you do more karaoke? #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Shirtless Alcide scene: Check! And CHECK. How long is this Howlin’ Wolf sex sesh gonna last? #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Bill has fathered children and hooked up with his great-great-grandchildren, okay lady? He gets it. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Flashback ’70s punk Bill is way more fun—this flashback Civil War Bill is a major downer. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Yeah I could do without this creepy kidnapping/rape threat scene. #TrueBlood, you are awful sometimes.BitchMedia LiveTweet
No way will Hoyt do it. Mama Fortenberry didn’t raise him to slay. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Do all fairies have fake-y posh British accents or is it just these two? #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
These Jesus flashbacks bum me out. I miss that dude! He and Lafayette were the best couple on this show. #SorryRussellandTalbot #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Prediction: Bill is the vampire who killed Sookie’s parents. Eh? #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Okay… maybe not. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Can we all just take a minute and thank Lilith that we haven’t had to watch any of the Terry/Ifrit/Islamophobia story this week? #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Ugh remember what I said about the Terry story? I think I jinxed us. #NeverMind #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
“I’m in the fuck off while I smoke a joint bidness.” Can we join you, LaLa? Love. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
I’d pay $300 just to hang out with Lafayette and get high in the tub. Fun! #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Could @jennnmarshall be right? I think Mama Fortenberry is behind the hate group! What would Tommy Mickens say? #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Running into high school friends after you’ve become a vampire would be AWKWARD. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
“Uppity?” Oh Tara you should bite her face off. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Deep down this same-sameness has to be kind of fantasy come true for Sam, doesn’t it? Self love, y’all. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
“My mad face and my happy face are the same.” You could do worse than Pam for a boss. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
“Blow out the candles first.” Because the Ifrit needs your tea lights to get a fire started? Missing the point, Patrick. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Not again! Nothing good happens when a spirit goes into Lafayette’s mouth. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Warlow looks like Freddy Kruger. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
Weren’t they JUST mainstreamers a few days ago? I can’t keep this Authority plot line straight. #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
What the WHAT Bill? You were Tru Blood’s #1 consumer! What will you order at Merlotte’s now? #TrueBloodBitchMedia LiveTweet
I’m @KelseyMWallace and this has been another wacky week of #TrueBlood! Tweet you next week, everyone.BitchMedia LiveTweet

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Pam was great, again! I loved how she said to Tara something along the lines of "My angry face and my happy face are the same."
I'd give her a hug (but then I would be afraid she would react the same way when Tara gave her a hug in the previous episode!)

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