True Blood: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Did you watch the season premiere of True Blood last night? Just when I thought nothing could distract me from my post-Mad Men ennui, Eric Northman came along and banged his vampire sister. You can always count on True Blood to keep things sexciting! (A new word necessitated by the plot intensity and gratuitous nudity that is Bon Temps, LA.)

Pastor Newlin glamouring Jason
Have I told you lately that I love you?

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by Kelsey Wallace
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The show has been on a steady

<p>The show has been on a steady downhill trajectory since the start (remember scenes like <a href="">this</a>?) and I think last season was terrible. Yet I can't stop watching! And this season opener was promising. I love Reverend Newlin and I hope he sticks around as a minor villain.&nbsp;</p><p>Along with all the new questions to answer--What happens to Tara's character arc now? What supernatural force has followed Terry from Iraq? When will Hoyt finally grow up?--I don't want them to just drop the mess of storylines from last season. What about the fairies? Why were some of them evil? What are their motives? What happened with the werepanthers?

uuuugggghhh Hoyt so pissed me

uuuugggghhh Hoyt so pissed me off this episode and last season! He was so possessive and such a jerk to Jessica. And then he gets mad at Jason when Jessica goes to him. Because obviously Jessica still belonged to him! ugh!

As for the werepanthers, I hope they dropped that storyline. that storyline was going nowhere fast and the characters were boring. I do think we're going to learn more about the fairies, and their motives.

I'm with you

I agree, last season was off the rails, but I can't look away! I'm also with you that the season premiere showed promise—I'm really excited for Reverend Newlin's new role, and I'm reeeeally glad Bill, Eric, and their beloved Sookie will be separated for awhile. I'm crossing my fingers for a Bill+Eric relationship (I think it could happen)! I am not, however, psyched about what the Tara storyline looks like so far. Just when things couldn't get worse for that character they turn her into a monster vampire! Ugh.

It does seem so far like they've dropped the fairy storyline, which is weird because they spent a bunch of time on it last season. That said, I'm glad to get a break from hearing about how irresistible Sookie's blood is. What about Lafayette's powers though? He's my fave, so I'm hoping we get to see more of that. I hated the werepanthers so I'm happy to see them go, but consistency-wise it makes no sense at all.

Anyone else think it was

Anyone else think it was Newlin who dug up Russell and that they're going to be a couple? If they become an item, the camp will explode out of the screen in ribbons of rainbow-colored lightening. My fingers are crossed.


Newlin + Edgington = Love! What an awesome villain-y undead power couple. | I was

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Am I the only person who

Am I the only person who found the Newlin storyline bothersome? I'm getting really bored of the idea that homophobes who abuse queers are usually just secret queers, and I see a lot of straight people relishing that stereotype. Michelle Bachman's husband for example, may very well be gay but there is a twinge of homophobia in many straight liberals' jokes about his 'sissy' moments*. One of the reasons Newlin is a joke to people is that he's an effeminate foil to Jason Stackhouse. On the one hand we have handsome, masculine, virile, healthy, heterosexual Jason, on the other hand the weak, bigoted, 'sissy', obsessive, homosexual Steve. It just goes to serve the stereotype of creepy and pathetic gay men lusting after straight men who must sensibly spurn their advances.

* I should emphasize that there's nothing wrong with 'sissy' gender, I'm referring to the tired stereotype that men being anything less than normatively masculine is a problem. Contrast Lafayette's celebrated feminine side with Newlin's portrayal: the latter is a joke.


I'm a fan of the Newlin storyline, but I think I interpreted his "sissiness" as more of a product of his being uptight than of his being particularly effeminate (not that there'd be anything wrong if he was, but you know what I mean...). I like how turning into a "Vampire-American" has allowed him to better accept himself, and I think the actor who plays him is pretty funny too. You make great points about masculinity though; I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the Pastor Newlin character and hoping that he becomes more three-dimensional instead of less so. Fingers crossed!

I do see your point about

I do see your point about Newlin, and I think there's a definite problem in mainstream media with overwhelmingly portraying "effeminate" gay men in humorous (if not always villainous) roles. There's almost no room for flamboyant, bitchy men in serious roles, which is why Lafayette is so fantastic.

The show has made it pretty clear that Jason's "virility" is less than healthy, though. He's irresistible (because of his fairy heritage), but he's also stupid and childishly impulsive, and is constantly getting into trouble. This time, with the Jessica/Hoyt storyline, he faces lasting consequences. Jason, Jessica, and Hoyt all need to grow up. Maybe that process will ultimately bring Jason and Hoyt (or all three of them) closer together, you know what I mean...?

A Jason/Hoyt/Jessica triad might make an interesting complement to the stagnating Eric/Bill/Sookie relationship.

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