True Blood: We'll Meet Again

Only True Blood could throw a possessed car, a fairy strip club, and an exploding child vampire into the mix and still give us a pretty standard episode.

Eric is back at Fangtasia, looking intense
Forgive the pun, but that maker breakup scene really slayed me.

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Ugh, I couldn't believe that

Ugh, I couldn't believe that Alicde lied to Debbie's parents just to cover for Sookie. I don't understand his infatuation with her--he's not a vampire, so her magic fairy blood shouldn't work on him.

I'm kind of fascinated that the show has given us such a thoroughly unlikeable and unrelatable protagonist in Sookie. She's almost sociopathically self-absorbed this season. I hope she has some kind of satisfying comeuppance/redemption on the way.

I know!

Alcide is so frustrating to me because he is a genuinely likable character but there is NO REASON for him to care so much about Sookie. Like you said, her fairy blood shouldn't work on him! I honestly don't get it. (Well, I get that HBO wants him shirtless as much as possible, but they should justify his interest a little more.)

You make a good point about Sookie—lots of characters on the show looove her but as a viewer I find her infuriating. It makes for a lot of shouting at the TV at my house, but it's interesting too :)

Actually I feel like the

Actually I feel like the writers have included a lot of fan service about Sookie this season. Nearly every episode has had other characters pointing out how useless or dangerous or self-involved she is and how they all need to get lives outside the world of Sookie Stackhouse. Eric's sentiment of "Fuck Sookie" from the first episode has carried through these subsequent episodes and it feels purely like it's a "the fans'll laugh at this because it's SO TRUE! HA!" It'd be nice however if the characters could listen to themselves and *actually* stop paying attention to her. But they can't, alas. She's the protagonist...that the show doesn't know what to do with anymore.

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