True Blood: You Made Me

If you were in the market for some Eric+Bill slash fiction fodder or some nudie pics of Frank Sobotka, last night’s True Blood did not disappoint.

Tara as a vampire, showing her teeth
You really can’t blame her for being pissed off.

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Previously: Authority Always Wins, Turn! Turn! Turn!

by Kelsey Wallace
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I'm glad the fairies seem to

I'm glad the fairies seem to be back, because I want to see that whole thing wrapped up. I also love how everyone keeps calling Sookie out on her bullshit.

I don't really get the Authority. I understand Sanguinistas are fundamentalists who believe in a literal interpretation of the "Vampire Bible." And Salome accuses Roland of "abandoning" that text and causing strife--but he did the whole creepy, super orthodox ritual with the chanting and communion. And then he talked almost rapturously about Lilith. I guess I just don't understand where the Authority actually stands on religion. If they're secularists, why the hyper-stylized ritual and spiritual rhetoric? If they're religious, why the mainstreaming?

In any case, I hope that Lilith herself really does make an appearance to smite some folks by the end of the season. Also: Why are there no super old, kickass vampires of color? Why are there no vampires of color at all, except for Tara and the occasional random background character?

Totally agree!

I can't figure out the Authority's game either, for the exact reasons you mentioned. Why are they so secretive if they're all about mainstreaming? What's the endgame? And I really hoped that such an ancient group would open things up to more vamps of color—who do they think populated the world where the Bible takes place, anyway? I like Christopher Meloni but the Authority could be so much more diverse.

That new guy that Jessica chased must be a faerie, right?

Oh he's totally a

Oh he's totally a faerie!!!!!! I thought he was Claude but he's not played by the same actor who played Claude in episode 4.1.

I don't understand the Authority either. They remind me of those Catholics who go to Mass, participate in Communion, and then vote Democrat and are pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.

The Authority

Thanks for writing about True Blood! Such a campy, frequently entertaining, and, yes, flawed, TV series.

I'd like to point out that there is some diversity within the Authority: there's a black chancellor, a kid with a very loud voice, a middle-aged woman wearing a lot of gold jewelry, the German guy and Salome.

Also, in my opinion the TV series has more leading characters of colour than the books - in the books, Lafayette rarely appears, and Tara's character is white.

Of course, it's not perfect, but it's not as bad as it could be.

By the way, Sanguinistas? Great name for a political movement within the vampire community!


I haven't been reading these because I don't have HBO and I'm waiting for the DVDs to watch this season. So did you have to put a BIG FAT SPOILER in picture form on the Bitch home page??? Totally not cool.
On a related note, glad to see Tara's not dead.

Statute of limitations on spoilers

Hi Katrina,

Sorry if that photo tipped you off to anything—I'll try to be more careful in my photo choices from now on, but just as a reminder, we adhere to the <a href=""target... Vulture Statutes of Limitations on Spoilers</a>, which says that basically a show is up for grabs the day after it airs in its regular time slot.

That being said, I really will be more careful with the pics—I didn't think about the fangs being a spoiler for anything!

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