TV University: Where my girls at?

The Huffington Post has a piece up today called “TV University: Meet The Faculty”. It’s a clever idea–a faculty roster for a university comprised entirely of television (and some film) characters teaching courses that play to their fictional strengths. So Dr. Who is the Dean of the Science Department, Stringer Bell teaches Transitional Business Management, and so on. The only problem? Out of 96 faculty members, only four are women–they even have a dude teaching Women’s Studies. Come on folks, we can do better! (And I mean this literally.)

I posted this on the Bitch Facebook page, and we’ve had tons of great nominations so far for women faculty members. A sampling:

• Leslie Knope, Civics
• Buffy Summers, Self Defense
• LaDonna Batiste-Williams, Bar Management
• Nancy Botwin, Horticulture
• Claire Huxtable, Commercial Law
• Sun Kwan, ESL
• Zoe Alleyne, Advanced Military Strategy
• Liz Lemon, Screenwriting and Clowning
• Mercedes Jones, Voice

The suggestions have been so good (and so fun to think up) that I’m putting this to the blogosphere as well. Which female television characters would you like as your TV University professors?

by Kelsey Wallace
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I would say

"Veronica Mars, Forensics," but Forensics is already up there. I'd still much rather be in a room with her than Dexter. Also, Shane McCutcheon, Skateboarding.
Seems a little lazy that many of the pictures I recognize are actually from film. They couldn't even be bothered to stay in their wide theme, which makes the female deficiency seem even worse.

Lorelei Gilmore, Hotel

Lorelei Gilmore, Hotel Management
Veronica Mars, Investigation and Surveillance Techniques
Winifred Burkle, Physics (I don't ever know who that dude is)

Miranda Bailey - Medical

Miranda Bailey - Medical Science
Olivia Benson - Criminology
Olivia Dunham - Fringe Science
Bette Porter - Dean of Fine Arts
Jenny Schecter - Creative Writing
Charlotte York - Home Economics
Betty White - Dean
Maeby Fünke - Film Production
Belle De Jour - Entrepreneurship
Ellen - Queer Studies

Charlotte York - Home

<i>Charlotte York - Home Economics</i>

Why not Arts Management for Charlotte? I'd give Home Ec to Marge Simpson myself.

How about:

CJ Cregg: Public Relations (specializing in Politics of course)
Laura Roslin: Government
Eloise Hawking: Applied Time-Travel
Nancy Hicks-Gribble: Communications
Peggy Olson: Advertising
Juliet Burke: Obstetrics & Reproductive Health


Lt. Kara Thrace: Military Comportment


CJ could also teach courses cross listed in public administration and/or international affairs :)

Hmm. I was gonna say

Hmm. I was gonna say Temperence Brennan for forensics, but we can put her on Anthro instead. Amita Ramanujan for math (I am ignoring whatever's there now, frankly.)

Bones, etc

Angela Montenegro - art and sex ed

Samantha Carter - astrophysics


Was gonna nominate Olivia Benson and Temperance Brennan for something—self defense/women's studies, and anthro, respectively. Maybe Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds too? She should teach a hacking course. JJ from the same show could teach work/life balance. What can I say? I watch a lot of cop dramas... :-/

And, lest we forget, Daria for dean of anything. Jane should make the college recruitment videos. Trent could create the soundtrack.


Kaywinnet Lee Frye - Engineering
Rory Gilmore - Public Speaking/Journalism/Communications
Tami Taylor - Administration/Leadership/Management
Aeryn Sun - Psychology
Lily Aldrin - Education

And I totally second Penelope Garcia for Computer Science/Logic/Advanced Codebreaking

Don't forget!

Nyota Uhura: communications
Deanna Troi: psychology
Beverly Crusher: 24th century medicine
Captain Kathryn Janeway: Dean
Seven of Nine: cybernetics
B'Elanna Torres: engineering
Kira Nerys: diplomacy / history
Jadzia Dax: gender studies
Hoshi Sato: linguistics
Xena: wilderness survival
Gabrielle: comparative religions
Dana Scully: forensic autopsy studies
Daisy Steiner: journalism / martial arts
Gwen Cooper: criminology
Toshiko Sato: advanced computer science / hacking

And if you don't know who any of these fine people are and you're a feminist sci fi fan... that's what wikipedia is for! :-) Trust me, they're worth getting to know... ;-)



Inara Serra: etiquette
Cameron Phillips: heavy weaponry
Sarah Connor: parenting, urban survival

forgetting someone

Tasha Yar: Self defense/ Campus security

Call me old school, but I

Call me old school, but I nominate Mary Richards for TV Production and Rhoda Morgenstern for Interior Design.

Murphy Brown -

Murphy Brown - Journalism

C.J. Cregg - Political Science

Dana Scully - Physics, Forensic Pathology

Yes!!! Murphy Brown!!!

Yes!!! Murphy Brown!!!

Capt Megan Russert,

Capt Megan Russert, Criminology
Dr. Roxanne Turner, Gross Anatomy
Lydia Grant, Modern Dance
Dr. Cristina Yang, Chemistry
Shirley Schmidt, Corporate Law, Ethics
JB Fletcher, Advanced Creative Writing
Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Public Administration
Claire Fisher, Art Studio (Mixed Media)
Melissa Steadman, Photography
Adelle Webber RN, Labor Relations

"In real life as in Grand Opera, Arias only make hopeless situations worse." - Kurt Vonnegut Jr.


Dr. Jean Grey, Psychology
She-Hulk, Law
Batgirl/Oracle, Information Technology
Storm, Meteorology
Wonder Woman, Women's Studies
Callisto, Subterranean Architecture
Hawkgirl, Ornithology
Isis, Egyptology
Emma Frost, Secondary Education & Business Administration
Black Widow, Martial Arts & Intelligence Studies

Wilhemina Slater and Betty

Wilhemina Slater and Betty Suarez-Fashion

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