Um, May I Have That Without Cleavage Please?

Ever think to yourself, "Hey, I know what my Americano be sexier?" Latte Dolls is a new mobile coffee house that features an all-female lingerie-clad waitstaff.  Wait, it gets better!  Sizes are available in A, B, C and double D cups!  There are "theme" days like School Girl Monday and Warrant Wednesday!  Wow - how original.  But the most disturbing thing of all was a comment in this article: "I had a job in technology, and I got laid off. This is way more fun, definitely," said Latte Doll "Zia" (they don't use their real names).  Owner Rick Hernandez (a dude, obv.) says he plans on opening another shop that features men as servers (yeah, right) 'cause you know, exploitation is okay as long as you promise to be an equal opportunity exploiter.  Yuck.  Thanks to StuckUpGirl for alerting me to this awful-ness in our fair city.

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Of course

Cynical curiosity made me check out the site. It certainly seems to be everything the name and stereotypes would make you think. And then some...oooh, coffee with a and provocative and hey, even empowering because Latte Dolls support local coffee roasters and sell fair trade coffee! Fair trade, indeed. Also not surprising, A sized cups are not sexy enough for Latte Dolls.

Check your facts

I had originally thought the same thing of the coffee shop before I went and talked to the owners and employees.
First of all, not only has the cafe evolved from its original "sexpresso" idea, but the employees never wore lingerie as their uniform in the first place.
The employees now wear costumes of their choice, making it more like Halloween everyday than anything.
Also, it's co-owned by Rick Hernandez and Mary Beck. Mary. As in a woman.
And you forgot to mention Tropical Thursday and Fantasy Friday as their other theme days. One Fantasy Friday, "Zia" dressed up as Frida Kahlo and got to inform her customers about the achieved female painter.
And since when was it a crime for a female to prefer a job she enjoyed? Sure it's sexist to think that women are only good for their bodies, but how ideal is feminism when you've come full circle and are now ridiculing those who do enjoy their bodies?
New Women fought to break free from the conservative roles society had placed them in. Why are you trying to cover them back up again?

the facts are accurate...

<p>but your perception of them is different.</p><p>Just because a woman owns a business doesn't mean that the business is pro-woman nor does it make it non-offensive to plenty of folks.  If &quot;Jennifer&quot; Francis, not Joe Francis, ran Girls Gone Wild, there would still be a problem with it.</p><p>To me, and I think to quite a few people, there's a big difference between being proud of your body, sexuality and who you are and displaying it for other people to objectify in order to sell something.  If it's a Halloween show, why have ABC and D cups?  It's clear from their website that the &quot;porn-y&quot; element is a primary selling point even though if that's not what you get out of it. </p><p>Am I sad that someone chooses to make money with their body rather their mind?  Hell, yeah!  Obv. people, including women, make their own choices in life.  But we need to recognize when those choices are driven by personal choice and when they are driven by media influence, environment, and lack of opportunity or education. </p><p>Has anyone else been?</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Women Business leaders

Women are just better with making decisions that effect more than just one man.

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