Update to Agnes Scott College: Healing the Insulted Intellect

Two months ago, I wrote about a decision Agnes Scott College made allowing a (at best) questionable cinema project - Road Trip II: Beer Pong - access to the campus and student body during their film shooting.  The story broke at the Bilerico Project by senior Louisa Hill who garnered support against the poor decision that resulted in degrading and humiliating experiences for the students and triggered strong reaction from the alumni and Agnes Scott community.

Some light has emerged from the dark clouds.  According to Hill, the administration has proposed the following amendments:

And while this all sounds fine and well, it is another straw of evidence that the thoughtless business practices of higher education unfortunately sometimes trump the well-being of the student body.  As Hill reports, there was no formal apology or recognition that approving this decision to begin with was problematic. 

However, if this incident proves anything, it shows that, despite the myth that apathetic college students do not raise their voices or organize, young adults can and DO in fact care and wil speak their minds, even at the metaphorical and formidable desk of college administrators.




by Lisa Factora-Borchers
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