Urban Decay's “Nude” Lipgloss


My lipgloss is cool

My lipgloss be popping

I'm standing at my locker

And the boys' pants are dropping?

Urban Decay's new line of lip gloss, Pocket Rocket (uh, like the vibrator?), is gathering internet buzz for several unconventional features. From a pratical standpoint, the lip glosses are flat (better for pocket travel, they claim). However, the practicality buck stops there. As seen in the pictures, the glosses feature a holographic image that turns a fully dressed gent into an almost naked beef cake. Each lip gloss flavor/color has its own corresponding dude (with a name and a personality to boot!). And to top it off, the lip glosses come equipt with a pheromone strip that activates when rubbed. Uncomfortable? Yeah, me too.

Linking makeup and sexuality is nothing new, but this is a little outrageous. And fairly heteronormative.

What do you all think? Cute, funny, or weird? And do we want to see a female version?




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by Annalee Schafranek
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Yeah this makes me feel

Yeah this makes me feel uneasy. I don't want a 'hunk' on my lip gloss. This is disappointing as I like Urban Decay make up. Completely heteronormative, I agree. I suppose the only saving grace is that there wasn't a semi-naked woman on the lid (the usual, your make up makes you look *this sexy* and *normatively attractive*), but there is no sense in a semi-naked man either really. This seems like a bit of an attempt to say "look! products for women objectify men! because women and men want the same things, honest!" but the socialisation of what is normatively attractive for heterosexual women is much more varied than that of heterosexual men. And again, like you say, ignores people who wear make up who aren't attracted to men.

It's poppin'

I am loving the Lil Mama pun too much to even think about the lipgloss.

But it does remind me of Cabana Boy Rum (a rum brand that features semi-naked dudes that correspond to the rum flavor). If memory serves, that product was marketed to women but ended up being embraced by gay men. Could the same thing happen with the pocket rockets?

The kiddos?

I work as a therapist with teen girls and the only thing I can think of is how much trouble my patient's would get into if they were found to have this in their pockets or at school.

Also, I've known lots of young girls who where lipgloss who are 10-13 years old and this is totally inappropriate. What's next? Oldspice aftershave with a holographic pin-up girl on it? Yikes!

Pheromone strip? Beefcake? Gawd, I just want some shiny color on my lips for goodness sake! Plus, it's a total rip-off...as if a pheromone strip on a lipgloss bottle is going to attract anyone other than my neighbor's dog.

(rolling eyes)

Okay, I actually think it is

Okay, I actually think it is somewhat funny. I mean, I see girls constantly touching up their lipgloss as though those glossy lips are just so damn important, as though it will make-or-break all romantic prospects... so I see it as tongue-in-cheek funny that this stuff actually has the naked guy on it. "Buy this! Have shiny lips! Men will get naked immediately!"

Heteronormative? Maybe. But, what are they supposed to do, have ones with men and ones with women? From a business standpoint, do you really think the lipgloss with semi-naked women is going to sell that well? I mean, it's a product designed for girls, I really would assume that most girls buying are heterosexual. Plus, the irony would be lost if it featured a girl and was targeted to lesbians, since I see it as poking fun specifically at the inanity of heterosexual attraction (i.e. "I'm a girl! I put on lipgloss because boys like it!!!")

I don't see how this is outrageous at all.... it's a guy in underwear, big flippin' deal. If THAT is outrageous, the only reason why is because most companies only capitalize on scantily-clad females. If I had a young teenage daughter, I'd rather her carry this lipgloss, at least there is some fun and irony involved!


<p>Just to clear things up, I'm not calling this product out as being outrageous in terms of its offensiveness. I just find the sum of its parts (pheromones that you have to rub to release? the vibrator name connection? AND the buff dudes?) to be ridiculous. I also don't see it as a clever and nuanced parody of the portrayal of heterosexual love in beauty advertisements. It strikes me as just being a weird, unappealing mashup of concepts from a well-known and popular cosmetics line. </p><p>

Sure, maybe it is great to turn objectification around. However, this kind of marketing seems to be along the same lines as the <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9tWZB7OUSU">Axe commercials</a> that featured women going nuts whenever they were around an Axe user. Both products are &quot;poking fun&quot; at the concept that the use of beauty products are the bedrock of heterosexual attraction. However, they are both also still supporting stunted concepts of male and female beauty, heterosexual attraction, and sexuality more generally. Tongue and cheek? Sure. Kind of dumb? Most definitely.</p><p>The take home point I suppose is that I wasn't trying to condemn the product in my post. I just thought that it was an odd concept (some would go so far as to call it &quot;outrageously odd&quot;) and wanted to open it up for conversation.</p><p>Also, &quot;I really would assume that most girls buying [makeup] are heterosexual.&quot; Really?</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Hey, I do agree that it is

Hey, I do agree that it is weird and kind of dumb.

And, I will stand by my assumption that most women shopping for pricey lipgloss that features naked people and some pheromone gimmick are heterosexual. Really. I didn't mean that to include all makeup, only this particular bizarre product.... most lesbians I know would not condescend to buy this. Actually, most lesbians I know haven't jumped on the whole lipgloss bandwagon anyways, but the ones that have probably still aren't going to buy this.

Not everyone wants meatheads on their lips.

Is this not the female version of the Axe Deoderant commercials? Naked dudes will flock to your pheromone-enhanced lipgloss in the same way that throngs of blonde chicks will dig your stanky-smelling Axe covered bod? I don't think so. I very much do not think it's "poking fun" of anything. The people who create this kind of marketing think "Hmmm...what do ladies like? What do ladies like that will cause them to buy more lipgloss?" Here's the mathematical equation of what they're thinking:

THE FEMALE MIND THINKS: lipgloss with hot dude on it = I wear lipgloss and have hot dude on my lips.

Math mixed with metaphor. Eat it up.

If I had a teenage daughter that rolled into my house with this lipgloss, I'd chuck it in the trash. Because I,
for one, would rather have my child create her own idea of sexuality rather than having it shoved down her throat (which would actually happen if she were to wear the lipgloss and perchance swallow some of it).

Totally agree

From a business standpoint, this does make the most sense. It is also a refreshing change from the "hot" women who are usually used to sell makeup. Also, is this blog/Bitch mag opposed to objectification in any form? I was always under the impression that Bitch had a problem with the inequalities of sexual objectification in our society. Straight women and gay men love sexy hunks! Is that wrong? Sexuality is all about sex and personal preference! I personally think that this idea is hilarious and if anyone is foolish enough to believe that their lip gloss will be the sole reason a man will be attracted to them that is sad, and they are being conned into spending their money, which is why it may be a profitable marketing idea. okay, I'm pretty drunk right now, but I hope my point comes through...eesh.


But in a pretty funny way, I think. This seems to be lampooning the old pin-up girl novelty pens that haven't even been around for a couple of decades, in a way that just seems comical to me.

This is exactly it, and

This is exactly it, and bingo.
It's a play on those horrible pens/lighters that they used to sell at truck stops and tobacco drive-thrus. Women would pop naked when the pen was clicked or the lighter was flicked.
The names of their products tend to be a bit risque. The pheromone thing is teetering along the planes of bizarre, though.

Yeah, I got that it was a

Yeah, I got that it was a play on the naked lady pens of yore.

Maybe all things like this

Maybe all things like this are crass, but honestly I find it refreshing to see a guy being sexualised for a change. We women have had to see ourselves portrayed like this for decades. Maybe it'll remind heterosexual men that there is more than one sexuality out there and they don't hold the monopoly of being the 'watchers' and 'judgers'.

I like it, though I would

I like it, though I would prefer a military uniform to that tux and a shorter haircut.

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