Urban Outfitters Pulls Support Tee

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Urban outfitters recently yanked a t-shirt from their shelves, citing "bad press" as the reason. Was it one of their infamous "Voting Is For Old People" shirts? Or possibly the one with money signs encircling the phrase "Everyone Loves A Jewish Girl?" Or maybe one of the many shirt images that have been stolen from independent companies and designers?



Urban Outfitters pulled their "I Support Same Sex Marriage" shirts from their stores and online shop after only a week of availability. Before you cite political neutrality as the reason, the shirt, designed by Tara Littman of Support Shirts, was featured alongside multiple pro-Obama fashion items. However, the difference in controversy between the messages is fairly clear. A major part of the youth-focused segment of the Obama campaign was set on transforming Barack's likeness into a fashion statement. I admit, when reading about this story, I was surprised that Urban Outfitters ever offered the Support shirt in the first place.

UO's founder and former CEO Richard Hayne had donated thousands of dollars to right-wing causes, most notably supporting senator Rick Santorum. In 2006, he claimed that he "very, very, very rarely" had regrets or second thoughts about potentially offensive products (including the shirts listed in the opening of this blog). While Hayne was replaced by openly-gay Glen Senk in 2007, this mentality of pushing the boundaries with statement tees seems to persist. However, what does it say about the company to keep those previous shirts and get rid of Littman's? How much sway does Hayne have as a current chairman of the company? And where does Glen Senk stand with all of this?

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where can i get one?

ok....where else can I get the shirt or something similar? because I want one...but I don't want to have to buy from Urban Outfitters. I've had nothing to do with that store for the last 19 years and I don't want to begin now. (if you knew me you'd know my stance on those kinds of shirts and the stores that sell them. i don't do abercrombie for the same reasons.)

with that said, i totally agree with your nomination.

american apparel!!!

as a former participant in the National Equality March in Washington,DC back in October, i stumbled across the American Apparel store in Georgetown and happened to find these shirts saying "Legalize Gay" that are also in part with the Human Rights Campaign. there are a large variety of colors and they're less than $20!

Calling All DIY T-shirt Makers

Now's the time for someone else to step up and make the $$ that UO is throwing away.

How about Cafe Press? I get

How about Cafe Press? I get the feeling they've got some message gear along these lines.

Urban Outfitters seems to be developing a pattern of back pedaling when threatened with negative media. They did the same thing with their "anti-war scarf" and "peace shirt" if I remember correctly. The exact titles escape me, but the merchandise was pro-Palestinian in nature. It didn't even last the week this t-shirt did.

They did the same thing with

They did the same thing with their pro-Palestine gear. That stuff didn't even last the week that this t-shirt did. UO seems to always start on the right foot, until threatened with negative media.

Cafe Press anybody?

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