Visiting Portland!

I'm up in Portland this week, visiting Debbie and hanging out at the Bitch office. I haven't been here in about a year, and it's amazing to see how bustling the office is—with interns and volunteers and new staffers (hi, Brian!)—while maintaining a relatively unfrenzied vibe, even though it's the middle of production on a new issue. This kind of calm, um, was never really achieved when I was working here. I'm going to try not to read anything into that. 

I'm blown away by all the new projects being planned—I just had a mini brainstorming session with Amy about the lecture series, and last night we had a critical listening session on the Wired podcast and talked about where to take the next one. It's a super-exciting time for this little organization that could, and I'm incredibly proud to see how it's growing and changing. I'm also a tad nostalgic for my time on the staff. Production, as exhausting and sometimes frustrating as it could be, was also one of my favorite things: you get to see the swanky new designs, which work their typographical magic to make the text read even better, and, because I am a big geek, I think proofreading is rilly fun.

And tonight, a bunch of us are going to the awesome feminist bookstore In Other Words for a reading from the Girls Rock Camp book

Why, oh why, does Portland have to be more than 400 miles from Oakland?

by Lisa Jervis
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