Watch This: Amy Poehler to Produce a Broad City Series for Comedy Central

News broke yesterday that Comedy Central ordered an Amy Poehler-produced pilot based on the popular web series Broad City.

the two women who created Broad City punching the camera wearing jewelry that reads Broad City

Exciting news! Comedy Central could use some more ladies in its dude-heavy lineup, and Broad City, created by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, has a huge web following already. Based on this pilot trailer, the show looks charming, funny, and passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors.

Before you set your DVR though, remember that FX picked up this exact same series last year and did nothing with it. However, that was before the breakout success of HBO’s Girls, which, while controversial in many ways, has at least convinced studio execs that there’s an audience for more “realistic” fare created by and starring young women. Here’s hoping that Jacobson, Glazer, and Poehler learn from some of Girls’ mistakes and create space for a diverse cast of characters in what looks like it could be a hilarious show.

Producing the series of course is Amy Poehler (along with Jacobson and Glazer), who not only kicks feminist ass as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, but who is taking the girl Internet by storm with her media organization Smart Girls at the Party. Poehler is an alum of the Upright Citizens Brigade, as are Jacobson and Glazer. Isn’t it great to see successful, smart ladies helping other smart ladies become successful? I know Leslie Knope would approve.

Fingers crossed that Comedy Central likes the Broad City pilot and picks up the series! Would you watch?

by Kelsey Wallace
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