Watch This: The Subversive Humor of “DIY Bride”

“Your wedding is the only day in your life when you can show everyone how creative you are, so every detail counts.” Sound familiar? It might if you’ve attended, planned, or thought about a wedding lately.

Mikala Bierna is best known for her her Disappointing Gay Best Friend series, which lampooned tired gay stereotypes. She’s at it again with her new video “DIY Bride,” where she pokes fun at the Wedding Industrial Complex.

screen shot from the video where Bierna is showing two identical bouquets side by side
Never forget: You can’t spell bridey without DIY!

While it’s obviously frivolous and fun, “DIY Bride” funny because Bierna is getting at the real pressures soon-to-be-married people face when it comes to planning a wedding. Though you clearly have a lifetime to be creative, the notion that you must be adorable, quirky, thoughtful, perfect, and oh so you at every turn during the wedding process is very real. Have you seen Pinterest lately?

Here’s the video, where Bierna expresses herself using the “found object” of an organic bouquet made by lesbian florists:

Check out my Tumblr for my free bird stencils! (Transcript available here.)

Bierna uses humor to make an excellent point: The pressure put on brides- (and some grooms-) to-be is huge. Rearranging a bouquet so that it looks exactly the same as it did before is a hilarious way of poking fun at the zillion “how to” videos out there that attempt to reinvent the wheel or make people feel bad for buying flowers or—gasp!—not having a bouquet at all. Her patronizing “hiiiiiii” tone perfectly matches the cutesy lingo used to market over-the-top wedding crafts and DIY projects. I hope she tackles overpriced invitations, problematic engagement rings, and bridal gowns next!

by Kelsey Wallace
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