We Messed with Texas.

Well, we're back from Austin and from fulfilling our arduous duties as Bitch correspondents at sxsw. As many of you know (due to our complaining), we were without internet access during our trip. That means that throughout this week we'll be posting photos and reviews of all of the shows we saw and the people we were lucky enough to meet. Read on for a brief highlight reel! Here is a photo of some Bitch fans with some cutie pie matching leg tattoos to get you started: leg_tats.jpg

That photo was taken at our Bitch/Kill Rock Stars party, as was the following photo of The Thermals, featuring the dreamy Hutch Harris paying femmage to Kathleen Hanna by slut on his stomach. Observe:

Of course, us Bitchies weren't the only savvy feminists on the scene at sxsw. We had the chance to go to the Space Camp party at Bird's Barbershop, sponsored by our friends at Bust. Here is a photo of Susan and Sara workin' out at their party:

While there were amazing bands playing all over the place (more to come on those in later blog posts) the Bust party featured one of my personal faves, King Khan and the Shrines. Not only did he perform an amazing gospel ballad about cunnilingus (hey ladies!) he also had this amazing dancer with him. She made us dance, too!

But we didn't only go to shows and drink Lonestar beers while in Austin (although that may have happened a few times).

We also had the chance to interview some amazing people, like these awesome ladies from BUTCH County, a rockin' queer band. BUTCH County played at the DIY festival GAYbiGAYGAY (which will be discussed in later blog posts, to be sure). Here is a photo of the Bitch table at the event, along with event founder Hazey, and Bitch reader Ray!

And of course, Bitch tattoos were available at the event, as were buttons and back issues. Here is our friend Jon O. sporting his Bitch finest:

Check out the Bitch Flickr account for more photos, and keep your eye on the blog for more sxsw posts!

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