Wearing Your Feminism On Your Sleeve

It's like Christmas morning in the Bitch Magazine office!

Today we received an amazing Audre Lorde shirt and press kit from the indie clothing line KM Stitchery (all contained in a box hand-collaged with pictures of feminists).

Lindsay Keating-Moore, the Minneapolis-based stenciling artist behind these amazing pieces, has established KM Stitchery as an environmentally sustainable clothing line that only features images of kickass women (in an effort to combat the overwhelming number of clothing items featuring revolutionary men). She purchases overstock shirts from thrift stores (in a variety of sizes), uses water based and non-toxic paint for printing, and recycles cereal boxes for business cards and tags. Additionally, every item in her Etsy shop includes a "Who's That Lady?" section where Keating-Moore provides biographical information about the feminist featured.

Want a Frida Kahlo sweatshirt? How about an Emma Goldman cardigan? Check out her Etsy shop and blog for more information!

by Annalee Schafranek
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I am so in love with this.

I am so in love with this.


Too bad all the shirts at in a size small.

Not true at all!

Not true at all!
She has L-sized (and M-sized, and XL-sized, and XXL-sized...) clothing items already made in her Etsy shop and has this message posted:

"CUSTOM: If there is a print you like but do not see your size listed, please message me! I can send you photos of unprinted shirts available in your size."


KMStitchery is an amazing store -- as someone who owns several shirts, I can state for a fact that the shirts are stylish, feminist, and eco-friendly. I love the customer service and the representations of so many great feminist icons. Lindsay is a fantastic Etsy seller!!


I love KMStitchery! I bought two shirts and a hoodie from her, and I always get comments on them. Wearing them always makes me feel like I'm the coolest kid on the block, and I'm saving up my money to buy some more stuff. My fave stencil is Frida Kahlo!

So my only question now is...

Who gets to keep the press kit that was sent to the office? Let's keep in mind that only ONE of us is celebrating a birthday today. Coincidence? I think not.

You'll have to battle

You'll have to battle Kjerstin for the shirt!

Yes please!

I have a print of the Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes picture on my wall and now I can have a shirt, too?! It must be Christmas. These are amazing!


This is a great little blog about you Lindsay!!! Congrats
Go Vegan Etsy team member!!!!

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