Wedding March of the Penguins

Same-sex marriage may still be unacceptable for us humans, but apparently at a zoo in China it's A-OK for gay penguins.

That's right, two male penguins at the Polarland Park in NE China have grown so close as of late that they were rewarded with a formal wedding ceremony. As you can see in the above photo, one member of the happy couple wore a bow tie and the other a blouse. Was this a creepy attempt on the part of the Polarland Park to force these alternative-lifestyle-having penguins into more traditional gender norms? Why can't they both wear bow ties?! (Also, could this get any more adorable?)

Answer: yes.

The Park provided fish for the reception, during which time the other penguins at the park were encouraged to come by and offer their congratulations. The newlyweds already have a chick together (a surrogate egg they were given by park employees as a response to their attempts to steal other couples' eggs), making them an even less traditional couple than we thought. It's nice to see these two pushing the envelope when it comes to what we expect from animal weddings.

Oh China (and the U.S.), when will you give us humans the same rights you give to unbelievably precious marine life?

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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3 Comments Have Been Posted

Why the bow ties?

Very cute! But my question is: Why did they have to dress them up at all? Um, hasn't nature already supplied them the classic and smart tuxedo?

Excellent call!

They should have been married in the tuxedos nature made them...perhaps with tiny matching top hats for a touch of class?

zomg! penguins!

Yes, teeny tiny top hats would have been the height of elegance. Since penguins don't really have chins, though, it might be hard to keep them on.....
Still, 2 bowties would have been awfully cute.

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