Weekend Rhymes

Whoo-hoo, it's the weekend! I know, I know, the 40-hour work-week is a patriarchal construct, so celebrating weekends is merely playing into the system—but tell that to my bar tab...

Anyway, here is a bit of poetic frivolity to kick off your Fri-Sat-Sun. We welcome your beautiful end rhymes, alliteration, and general cleverness in the comments section below. Keep in mind, kids, this is just for kicks, so keep your Weekend Verse contributions restricted to short-form. And no, Bitch still does not accept poetry submissions—evah.

First, a limerick:

There once was a lass, her name Palin
Whose VP campaign got to flailin'
She started to wink
Her bid, it did sink
Now her boat back to Alaska is sailin'

And what would Friday be without haiku?:

Oh, Rachel Maddow
Why all the Estee Lauder?
Gender sure is weird.


by Jonanna Widner
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Jonanna, you are a poet!

And I didn't even know it.


You are hilarious. These poems are the perfect kickoff to the weekend.

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