We've made history together!

We're thrilled to announce that just three short days after our announcement that we need to raise $40,000 by October 15th in order to print the next issue of Bitch, you've rallied together and propelled us beyond our $40,000 fundraising goal. In fact, by the time we looked up from our computers, you'd already donated $46,000! On top of that, you've spread the word far and wide, and offered powerful and inspiring words of support.

This tremendous and swift outpouring has been honoring and humbling—particularly because you've offered it during the worst days the U.S. economy has seen this year. Thank you. We're deeply grateful.

Please help us keep the momentum going and continue donating and offering your feedback and ideas. We know many of you have ideas and concerns about Bitch's future and sustainability, and we're grateful for the critical feedback and ideas you've offered so far. We're listening. And we assure you we're hard at work on a sustainable vision, based on your feedback (and we're at work on a survey to help facilitate this process).

We've also discovered through this process that many of you weren't aware that Bitch is a nonprofit organization, and that we rely on your ongoing financial support to continue our work. One of the advantages of being a nonprofit means that the money we raise above and beyond our fundraising goals simply goes back into the organization to secure our future and help us launch new projects and new ways of fulfilling our mission.

So please, if you haven't already, we ask that you consider the value of the work we do and join this historic effort to secure the future of a critical voice in independent media and feminism. We're in this together.

Keep Winnie the wiener dog growing! Give input on our direction, and spread the word!

On behalf of the staff and board here at Bitch, we offer our deepest thanks and appreciation. We're thrilled to be demonstrating the incredible power of community-supported publishing with you.

by Debbie Rasmussen
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What a great relief. I'm so thrilled for y'all. And I think it's also really impressive that you came clean about meeting your fundraising goal so quickly. It must have been tempting to be like "We're almost there! Keep donating!"

Wonderful News!

Yay! for hard work, community, networking, and believing deeply in something that expresses our varied voices and our collective Bitch-ness.

holy shit!

wow! that's just.... wow!

woot! :-)

Most Effective Advertising

Thanks to YouTube, yes.

sometimes it's scary to admit

the awesome power of the internets (especially for us print geeks). thanks, everyone, for your messages of happiness and support. just want to say again that we couldn't do it without you!

and a shout out to dawn jones, bitch's (new!) board chair, who had the idea for the video and shot it!

Keep it up!

I am so proud to be a reader and supporter of Bitch. I know (and I know they must know) that they would have made loads more money had they lied (directly or by omission) about meeting their goals. Their choosing to be as transparent in their success as they have been in their challenges is incredibly moving. This is some seriously ethical fundraising and as a philanthropy junkie-- I'm even more in love.

And, equally, no--more so!, committed to helping Bitch fundraise until the 15th. I was planning a fundraising house party for next week and let me tell you, it is still on. If you were thinking about donating or planning something or spreading the word, I hope you'll honor those plans. If $40,000 will keep Bitch alive, think what they could do with $100,000!

So, Bitch--way to be a leader in publishing, feminism, pop culture and now grassroots uber-ethical fundraising. And community-- let's not punish the honesty by stopping now. If you haven't given yet-give now. Be part of the over the top crew that won't just keep Bitch alive, it'll keep Bitch strong!


Ready for next time

re: commenter above; thank you for laying this out, I agree and couldn't quite find the words for it.

I feel so much more committed to Bitch knowing how straight up you all have been. And now next time you need the money for anything you know we're here for you!



I am so encouraged by this! It truly is amazing what women can do! It's been a frustrating week to be a feminist and this just reaffirms for me the good that the movement can do as a collective! Keep up the great work, ladies. You have a dedicated reader and supporter here!

That's awesome news!

That's awesome news!


I was depressed earlier today because of all this! So...I blogged about it and sent text messages to all of my friends. Plus, I donated! I don't know if I really helped, but I'm excited that we're on for the next issue! Hooray!


That's great news! What a relief -- for you AND for us. Congratulations!


awesome news indeed!!!!!!!!

That's so awesome and

That's so awesome and exciting!

Whew! Such a giant relief. I

Whew! Such a giant relief.

I will keep to my word and become a bitch subscriber.

said this to someone and they suggested I put it here

I just watched the video on bitchmagazine.org and I'm sure I'm not the only one that noticed that this fundraiser is likely to basically cover only one or two publications (if it can be stretched that far). Do you have volunteers who are ready to do extras for the magazine that can get you a more consistent client/fanbase that will make extra donations? If so, things like further developing their youtube channel, getting the blogs and other constantly changing aspects of their site shown on more prominent sites and etc. is something that will help in the long term. Just putting up a youtube twice a week will help a lot, especially if you're getting involved in some of the debates that occur there. I just thought I would mention that, I think I would like to see some extra input on many of the debates there.

what's next?

I donated and helped spread the word so I'm very happy to hear that you exceeded your fundraising goal so quickly. I'm eager to hear what's next for Bitch. How will you keep this operation afloat without needing to hold emergency fundraisers before every issue? Will the next issue come out but possibly still teeter on being the last one? What's the plan?


Lisa has commented below about the visioning/strategic planning work we've just started, so I won't repeat that here, but I just want to add that while we're committed to doing everything in our power to avoid emergency fundraising situations like this, ongoing reader support is always going to be critical to our survival. So we're always going to be asking for donations/contributions. Just, ideally, in a less dramatic way ; )



I think that this is a testament not just to the internet - and folks 'getting' the severity of the situation - but the importance of what you do.

I think starting the twitter account (which gave me a moment of OMG, 'bitch wants to be my friend!!') and video really, really, really helped. I saw word of the mag's situation spread everywhere from online journal sites (livejournal, etc...) to my own post on the knitter networker site ravelry that got lots of positive feedback.

So keep doing what you do - putting out not just a great magazine but finding new ways to connect with your readers/audience to keep us in the loop - so we can share in your successes and also help you out when times are rough - because damn it that is what feminism is about.



happy dance !

i'm so thrilled that there has been a good result. And i'm now going to start subscribing and sending gift subs out to friends and libraries.

Smart idea!!!

Gift subscriptions to libraries!!! Holy crap. I never even thought about that. Very smart idea.

So relieved to see that Bitch hit its goal!! This is a magazine I've been reading since high school... so... ten years now. Was so distressed to see you all in trouble.


This is wonderful. I haven't even donated yet, but I will still do so (and subscribe too!). I do have concerns, however, about the sustainability of Bitch. I wish you luck figuring it out! I sadly have no ideas (don't know much about the magazine industry).

That's what I'm talking about!

I! Am! So! Proud!

Can't wait to start getting copies of Bitch. That video was the perfect incentive for me to stop picking it up occasionally at newsstands and get me a dang subscription.

Thanks you for being awesome, and may I say, you two ladies have re-ignited my desire for more tattooes...


Hey, that's so rad to hear. I'm really glad. It's really sad when good things come to an end, and I'm so heartened to hear that a plea to fans of the magazine made such a difference. Rad - glad - sad. I sound like a kid's book - but I'm stoked!

So happy and proud! Go

So happy and proud! Go Bitch!

BTW, I am still committed to

BTW, I am still committed to doing a Chicago based fundraiser/subscrption drive for y'all!

about the future

<p>Many of you are (rightly) asking about what the future holds for Bitch and whether meeting our short-term fundraising goal does anything to prevent needing to do this kind of emergency fundraising in the future. So I wanted to re-post some of the comments I wrote in the other thread, and add to them. </p><p>comment #1: </p><p>I can't say precisely what the future
holds—as Debbie wrote in the body of the blog post, the future of Bitch
as an organization depends a lot on reader feedback—but donations are
DEFINITELY an investment in the future of the organization. I say
&quot;organization&quot; intentionally rather than &quot;magazine,&quot; because there are
serious questions about the future of print media and how it fits into
Bitch's mission of whip-smart feminist media analysis and
movement-building in the face of a rapidly changing landscape, both
financially and technologically. The discussions and planning going on
at Bitch HQ are all about that, and that's what has led to the creation
of this here brand-spankin-new and much-improved website, and the
podcast, and the Feminism In/Action discussions that Debbie has been
hosting around the country. </p><div class="content">

<p>There is so much rich discussion about this to be had, and so many
things to be said, but the nutshell of it is that Bitch is in this for
the long haul—and though we all hope that a print magazine will be able
to remain a component of our work, as an organization we have to remain
committed to our mission, which, after all, is not to put out a print
magazine but to analyze the media-driven world around us through a
feminist lens in the service of changing that world for the better. And
we're going to do that in whatever ways work best. And we're asking for
your support while we strategize about what ways those are, as well as
for your input on what you'd like to see. </p>
<p>So, I agree, readers and donors absolutely deserve that information.
And yes, donations are investments in the future for sure. Exactly what
the future is depends on a lot of things, including your ideas!</p><p>comment #2:</p><p>I'm really happy to see the back-and-forth among y'all about print
vs. online (and of course thrilled beyond belief by the outpouring of
support!), and I wanted to add both some opinions and some information.

</p><p>First of all, many many options are being/will be considered for
Bitch's future. It's not a matter of either/or, nor are we talkin'
online-only as in an online version of the magazine that duplicates the
print version. Online media and print media are different (as many of
you have noted), with different strengths and weaknesses—whether the
print mag is around or not, the site will always be more than its
digital doppelganger. We've long been working on a more robust website
(and you see the results of that work right in front of you, and it's
only just begun), and that's just the beginning. (Check out the newly
posted episode 2 of the podcast!) </p>
<p>Then there are the content formats that are neither print nor
online: the lecture series happening in Portland this fall, the Femnism
In/Action discussions that have been happening across the country since
early summer. So there's plenty this organization can do that's neither
print nor online. </p>
<p>That said, I personally love print for all the reasons folks have
already expressed in this thread—it's portable and tangible, and I
think both of those are important. Also, for all the talk of the web
being more accessible than print, it still requires expensive equipment
and a monthly service to use. Library access has been vastly expanded
over the last few years, but it's a different and important kind of
accessibility that anyone with $6 and change can walk into a bookstore
and get Bitch (or anyone at all can walk in and read it for free while
standing in front of the newsstand). We can send copies to shelters and
prisons and conferences and other places where the web won't really cut
it and our content can be useful. That kind of accessibility is hard to
give up. </p>
<p>So keep the opinions coming—and what would you want to see beyond the print mag/online dichotomy? </p><p>___</p><p>It's not like we didn't know about the power of social networking and getting our community involved before this latest crisis and the way y'all rallied around—but I think I can speak for all of us on the staff and board when I say that the speed with which wemet our goal (thanks to all of you!!) is inspiring. So everything that's happened in the last week has reaffirmed and reinvigorated our commitment to getting the principles of Bitch—critical thinking through a feminist lens—out into the world in as many ways as possible, very much including online and in-person venues. No matter what happens, we were never planning to go on from this with business as usual. That's not to say we won't be asking for your financial support in the future—or course we will, that's what nonprofit, community-supported media is all about: relying on our community of readers and supporters rather than advertisers trying to sell you things. </p><p>Okay, I think I've started to ramble. Keep those questions, ideas, and feedback coming! </p></div><p>&nbsp;</p>

Thank you for keeping Bitch

Thank you for keeping Bitch going! I just sent a gift subscription to some friends. :-)
Here's my feedback:
As much as I love the diversity of viewpoints that I get as I read reviews in both Bust and Bitch, I'd suggest coordinating with my other most-fave feminist mag Bust to avoid replicating book and music reviews. I think both publications could save a few pages and combine forces -- maybe divvy up what's going to be reviewed? I have to say honestly I gravitate to the book reviews more in Bitch and the music reviews more in Bust... Don't get me wrong, I think both mags have tons of great things to say and might have really DIFFERENT perspectives about the same book or album, but it just seems like an area of overlap that you could trim down and focus more on what is UNIQUE to Bitch -- long, thought-out articles! No other mag has writers writing that way, especially ABOUT pop culture!!!!

And long live print! At least a few times a year. LONG articles in print!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Thank You!

As a sheltered 18 year old, I stepped onto my women's college campus terrifed and excited about the four years to come. I've gone from not knowing what a feminist was to embracing the feminist philosophy as my personal constitution. Many factors contributed to my realization of the necessity of feminism: a women's studies professor who was the first woman I met who never felt any qualms about showing off her intelligence, a women's college campus that stripped me from many social stigmas that are attached to us young women vying for equality and respect, a (republican) grandmother who poured every ounce of Rosie-the-Riveter feminism she embodied into my newfound passion, and my discovery of the vast number of feminists in this society who are somehow left out of the six o'clock news, such as Bitch Magazine. When I heard that one of the few tangible products of our uncensored, loud voices might be forced to close, I panicked. A college student strapped for cash, I couldn't contribute as much as I would have liked, and in these economic times I didn't know whether we had the financial means to save this magazine. Apparently, we made sure we did. Thank you to Bitch Magazine and to every single person who donated our spread the word for others to donate. I've learned that feminism is alive and kicking, with her checkbook not far from her conscience.


This is great! Completely amazing; how many other organisations have the same kind of backing Bitch does?! Must renew my subscriptions; screw the charges for international orders and the fact I don't have my own bank account!

BTW, has anyone else seen the comments those neanderthals over at youtube are saying? I can't actually believe there are still people out there who think stuff like that; which is why Bitch is needed. Feminism needs to be embraced by everyone it just shouldn't be a taboo word anymore, especially for my new generation. Y'all over at bitch are really awesome! :D

awww yeaahh.

you bitches make me proud.
keep writing, keep printing, keep fighting...
may blessings and love surround the bitch team, and all of the feminists in the whole wide world---


So happy Bitch reached its goal. What a sigh of relief. :) Yay!!!

a new feminist philanthropy?

I would love it if Bitch would start thinking about how to contribute to a community of feminist, activist organizations who seem to be in constant financial crisis--to make this part of a larger conversation and to support others' work. (Scarleteen is one I'm thinking of that constantly needs more to do the great work it does.) A new feminist philanthropy? How can this experience be part of a communal effort?

this is something we think about a lot...

'cause we know that we're not the only ones in the needing-$ boat. i don't have any solutions to offer, just wanted to acknowledge it's an important topic and we strive to provide a venue for other struggling orgs to get the word out in the same way that so many people helped us to get the word out this time around. more to come!


No idea if my post about it made an ounce of difference, but this is great news.


I'm so glad to hear you already met your goal. I managed to donate $200 total, which, being a broke college student and barista, wasn't easy, but I figure, hell, I'll get a student loan check again in January -- I'll just pay my credit card then!

This is newsworthy!!

Congratulations! This is unprecedented, considering the state of things. I definitely agree that this should be a part of a broader, more collective outreach to encourage other feminist/progressive acitivities to keep on keepin' on! The house parties, other fundraising efforts, and yes, activism must go on ...


Congrats on your meeting your fundraising goals. I love your magazine. You may also want to check into your subscription processing - I've sent in money for subscriptions a couple of times but never received my magazines...I wonder how many other people have experienced this situation? - and if there might be some issues with your subscription processing...anyway, best of luck with the magazine!

subscription problems

so sorry to hear this! if you email orders@bitchmagazine.org, we can investigate the problem. thanks for the kind wishes despite this!

How I came to Bitch

I first discovered Bitch 2 years ago at Barnes & Noble. I was talking to my husband about how the "women's magazines" section was nothing but anorexic models, make-up tips, and celebrity gossip. Meanwhile, the "men's magazines" section included electronics, computers, politics, and other more substantial topics.

The salesclerk overheard me and said, "That isn't true, we have Bitch." It was hidden away and she had to hunt for it. I discovered a whole world of feminist publications, websites, organizations, etc. that I had NO idea even existed, despite having always considered myself a feminist.

Anything and everything is available on-line, but in isolation. Your website doesn't "sit" next to Vogue's. The magazine does. It is out there publicly holding its own with many of the publications and attitudes you critique. Bitch sits on the shelf representing a different set of values than Cosmo, Good Housekeeping, Allure, etc. The public seeing that has value.

I know nothing about your business plan, but I think a lot of the criticism you have received for needing this fund drive is unjustified. Most people don't consider that you are non-profit. Unfortunately plenty of non-profit groups live hand to mouth, never sure if the doors will still be open next month or next week. Lots of charities mount emergency fund drives when money is unexpectedly tight or urgent needs arise - even big shots like the Red Cross or the ACLU. My local homeless shelter is constantly on the verge of closing.

It is depressing, but not surprising that Bitch is in the same position. Certainly we all hope that you won't find yourself in this position again next quarter. But if you do it is because you must do a lot with a little. Congratulations on your amazing success. This has reminded me to donate regularly, and not take your existence for granted.

hell yes!!!! bitch was the

hell yes!!!! bitch was the first feminist publication i ever read. she's taught me so much. i'm relieved and elated to hear she's still around.

keep donating!!! i'm a student and i donate monthly. you should too! it's tasty.

Thank (insert theological deity here)!!!

I almost cried when I saw the post on myspace. I am a communications student and I desperately want to write for Bitch someday. The idea that the mag might have gone under before graduation was unacceptable to me! I'm so glad to hear the good news!! Yay Bitch, rock on!!!! *kisses*

This is good news. The

This is good news. The little bitch didn't move on our blog so I didn't realize you met the goal so quickly. Should we keep her up? Are you going to design another bitch to reflect the updated campaign?



That's all. Just "Yay!"

'grats & suggestion

Damn! I'm in my 50s and have watched many a mag come and go. I am thrilled beyond belief that you used your whip-smarts and tattoo'd talents to save this baby. Bitch is the best feminist magazine out there, I will go toe to toe with anyone to prove it.

Back in the day Ms. Magazine had to suspend publication. We thought it was all over. Not only was a great era over but the pioneer of them all had had to cave. Devastation. But they went back to their living room think tanks and figured out what to do. And did it. And came back. I think you should have a heart to heart with them because they love you, they watch what you do, and they have figured out what to do for themselves. Without ads, too!

Whether it be suspending publication for awhile, going down to fewer issues a year while you build a sustainable model, whatever; you've already proven you have the eggs to do what it takes even if it involves pain. And, I can still remember the day I saw the Ms. logo back again, proudly emblazoned on a new, thicker magazine just sitting in a big box bookstore. Unbelieveable. I feel like I'm saying "call your mother!"
--Kudos to ya

I would like to see...

...Bitch having an endowment. I would gladly donate money towards building an endowment, as well as simply keeping the magazine going. Or perhaps a bridge fund is another way to go about it.

giving campaigns

Very soon we'll reach the time of year where those of us who have workplace-led Giving Campaigns (which do charitable donations via payroll deduction) do their yearly planning. My partner's workplace allows us to specify any 501c3 for this purpose, and now that we've been reminded that B-Word Worldwide is a 501c3, we'll be doing this for the 2009 giving campaign.

I strongly recommend this option for people who have access to it. This makes things easier for everybody: automatic paycheck deductions for the donations, quarterly payments to the nonprofit, and in some cases, the employer will even match the donation.

Great news indeed I think

Great news indeed

I think that this is a testament not just to the internet - and folks 'getting' the severity of the situation - but the importance of what you do.

Great News Indeed... Thanks

Great News Indeed...

Thanks for the iNfo

Great Story!

just loving it! i am going to buy one of your t-shirts to show some supoport!

I would love it if Bitch

I would love it if Bitch would start thinking about how to contribute to a community of feminist, activist organizations who seem to be in constant financial crisis--to make this part of a larger conversation and to support others' work.A new feminist philanthropy? How can this experience be part of a communal effort?