What I Love About Reading Bitch In Public

Because I got into a great discussion about the word "bitch" and feminism with the guy that changed my oil at Jiffy Lube the other day. He starting talking about how his mother struggled as a "single mom" in the late 50's and we collectively wondered what she would think about the reclamation of the word for personal use.  Anyone have any good stories about conversations they've had as a result of folks merely seeing the title of the magazine? (It's also how I met one of my best friends at the gym.  I knew she was cool cause she was wearing a Bitch t-shirt).


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Bitchin' In Peace Corps

I had just moved to my village site in Kenya for my Peace Corps Service. I had another volunteer about 10km away and when she invited me over I jumped at the chance for some American chatter. I had never met Emily and didn't know if my closest volunteer and I would mesh. When I sat down and saw Bitch magazine on her table, I knew we would be close friends for the rest of our lives. And we are! I had NEVER met another Bitch reader, let alone someone who managed to have friend send it all the way to Kenya. Rock on, we luv you!

What about the children?

The thing I'm starting to try to figure out is how to talk about Bitch Magazine in front of my 4yo daughter. Reclaiming is fine & dandy except that you know she'll go tell her friends about mommy's Bitch magazine. tee-hee...So around her, it's all about B magazine. At least until she grasps the idea of "it's not a bad word, but a rude word, so we only use it when we're [fill in the blank]."

Veronica I. Arreola

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<p>Well, let me know what you end up saying that works, because I've got a 2 1/2 year old (boy) and we'll have to talk about that at some point.  He'll have to understand when and for whom that word is okay, which is to say, why I get to use it in a positive context and he doesn't (:</p>

Keeps me going...

I love reading Bitch Magazine in public because it is counters all of the misogynistic noise in my daily environment. I especially like to read it while riding the bus. Many times, I am approached while riding buses with some pretty foul and unacceptable language (as are many women), but my Bitch Magazine is like an instant repellent, a badge of honor, and shield from drunken and slurry spit-laden speech. I haven't made any connections with fellow Bitch readers, but I have turned a few people on to the magazine (including my husband).

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