What past Bitch articles do you want to see online?

One of the people hard at work behind the scenes here is Kyla Wagener, AKA Bitch webmonkey.  I'm sharing this for two reasons. First because Kyla recently started her own blog. She's wicked smart. You should read it.

I also share this because in her role as webmonkey, Kyla's wrangling all the content from past issues to be posted here. Our plan is to make available all content from issues that are sold out, and selected content from issues that are still available for purchase (get them while they last!).

Many of our past issues are sold out, so a lot of content is slated to be posted. People paying close attention will realize that we have a long way to go in this process – a lot of content from sold-out issues isn't online yet.

Since we have no rhyme or reason to the process of posting content, our beloved webmonkey is randomly selecting what goes live. So we thought we'd throw it out to y'all (couldn't resist the link) – are there articles from issues long ago that you'd like to see posted here? If so, please leave 'em in the comments section. 

And speaking of free Bitch content, over on Prince.org (an "independent and unofficial Prince fan community site") you'll find a discussion on the Prince feature in the current issue (Genesis). While we're a little dismayed that someone just scanned in the article and posted it without asking (sheesh, manners please?), it's there for the reading if you're interested.

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Perhaps it's time for a policy on posting articles elsewhere

It's interesting how on some sites I see articles from print materials posted at-will, while other sites have iron-clad policies in-place. I know some folks legally-connected tell me that iron-clad policies are best, necessary, and should be enforced. Perhaps <i>Bitch</i> should consider such a policy? Maybe not so iron-clad, but definitely laying the matter on the line.

Here are some

Here are some freshly uploaded editors' letters: <a href="/article/editors-letter-sex">Sex</a>, <a href="/article/editors-letter-puberty">Puberty</a>, <a href="/article/editors-letter-orange">Orange</a>, <a href="/article/editors-letter-issue-10">Issue 10</a>, <a href="/article/editors-letter-issue-11">Issue 11</a>, <a href="/article/editors-letter-issue-12">Issue 12</a>, <a href="/article/editors-letter-taste-appetite">Taste & Appetite</a>. More to come!

Winter 2004 issue

I'd love to see "For External Use Only" from the Winter 2004 issue posted!

Other articles:
It's Reigning Men (Spring 2005)
Interrogating Dissent (Fall 2007)
Boy Band-O-Rama (Summer 2001)
Don't Hate the Player (Summer 2003)

Those are all I can think of for now.

Recently uploaded...

"For External Use Only": <a href="/article/beauty-and-the-feast">Beauty and the Feast</a>

"It's Reigning Men": <a href="/article/dumb-getting-dumber">Dumb & Getting Dumber</a>

annaham: two more uploaded

"Boy Band-O-Rama": <a href="/article/boy-love-dolls">Teen Girls + Boy Love Dolls = Tru (heart) + $ 4Ever</a>

"Don't Hate the Player": <a href="/article/rules-of-play">Rules of Play</a>

RSS feeds

Whatever articles you post, you should consider creating an RSS feed for the site. It makes things quite easier to see updates on all my favorite places to visit on the web all in one place, rather than going to all the pages at separate times. I'm sure many people would also find it quite useful!


Hey Nambooge,
There are actually a couple of feeds already (although they are clearly a little too hidden).

When new articles are posted they show up on this feed:

and all the blog posts are here:

You can also get a feed for any specific blog by clicking on the little orange feed link at the bottom of that blog's page. The URL for them is the name of the blog with /feed at the end. For example:

Given that would you still want one feed with all the content together?

post these articles please!

The "Wired" issue is sold out, and I'd love to read "The Cover-Up" (about high necklines) and "Shelf Lives" (about old feminist writings). Hope to see them soon, as I can't buy the issue.


for the delay on this, I'm just now working on getting the files!


From the sold-out Lost & Found issue:

<a href="/article/shelf-lives">Shelf Lives</a>
<a href="/article/the-great-cover-up">The Great Cover-Up</a>


Oh, and thanks

for linking to my blog! You're the best.

Keep on Trekkin’

please put the article "'Keep on Trekkin'—Star Trek and the legacy of female fandom" from the Genesis Issue online.

Keep on Trekkin'

I also would like to see 'Keep on Trekkin’—Star Trek and the legacy of female fandom' online.

I second that - Stark Trek article, please

I would also like to see this article - I need it for my feminist book group and not sure where I put my magazine!


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