What's the German word for douchebag?

Ahh, Germany. Home to adorable leiderhosen, delightful beer gardens, the feisty Protestant Reformation, and now: tattooed douchebags.

The Pascha, an 11-story, 126-room brothel in Cologne, Germany, has recently started offering discounts to patrons that are willing to get a huge tattoo of the brothel's logo on their forearm. Here is a photo, in case you can't quite believe it:

the Pascha

Manager Armin Lobscheid says he is astonished at the number of men who have lined up to get the tattoo so far (more than forty since Friday!). I, on the otherhand, am astonished at the total douche-y-ness of this situation.

The tattoo gives patrons free entry into the Pascha for life (saving them a whopping six euros a pop) and they will receive discounts on drinks and lapdances once they're inside of the club. All they have to do to receive these amazing services is brand themselves for life with the name of a sex club. Cheap at twice the price!

Tattoo recipients will not receive any discounts on actual sex acts, as the women who work at the Pascha are independent contractors who set their own rates and keep their own profits (and are therefore exempt from this Douchebag Decree). Still, as one patron of the brothel says, "you have to do something crazy in life at least once." And I guess this is the crazy thing he has chosen. Well done, sir. Couldn't you have just gone bungee-jumping and called it a day?

So congratulations are in order for Armin Lobscheid, his trusty tattoo artist, and the forty-plus johns who have tatted themselves up so far. You, my friends, are officially awarded the Douchebag Decree. Shall we arrange for you to get it tattooed somewhere?

by Kelsey Wallace
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This could only be douchyer if...

someone tattooed their penis...

Bet that would be worth a discount on the sex!


i'm so glad i live in the

i'm so glad i live in the usa LOL! that's fuckin' ridiculous

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