When Oral Gets Aural (or Songs About Givin'/Gettin' Head)


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The other day I was alone in the car and, as you do, singing at the top of my lungs with the radio. The song that was the focus of this particular private performance happened to be Lil’ Wayne’s “Lollipop” and as I belted out the lyrics, Middle of the bed/ Givin’ gettin’ head my thoughts turned to oral sex. More specifically, my thoughts turned to songs about oral sex. I wondered, “What songs are out there that give oral love a good name?”

Now, your first thought here might be, “Get your mind out of the gutter and focus on driving!” And your next thought might be, “Why should we care about songs that focus on oral sex?” To your first thought I say don’t worry; I didn’t take my eyes off the road once during my oral sex-y brainstorming session. And to your second thought I say, if we can agree that the mass media can affect public perceptions, then it stands to reason that songs that put oral sex in a positive light can affect public perceptions of the act in a positive way. (Read: The more songs that make oral sex seem fun and cool, the more oral sex we will all give/get, and the better we’ll feel about it.) This is a good thing for all parties involved, but it is an especially big win for women. That’s because the media often suggests that women can orgasm very easily from penetration alone, yet just about anyone who has had sex with/is a woman knows that it often takes a lot more than that.

So what are the best oral-sex-positive jams?

Warning: The following post may be NSFW, depending on where you W.

I figured we’d start out here with a list of ten songs that are mainly about oral sex (that means no vague euphemisms or veiled symbolism – we’re looking for the real deal here), and then you can add to it in the comments section. I’ll grade each song based on the portrayal of oral sex it offers up, with bonus points awarded for mutual pleasure-giving. Feel free to dispute the grades and give your own, of course. (If you’re not sure how a song goes, click on the embedded links to listen to each tune and see the video if there is one.) Keep in mind that we’re looking mainly for songs that make oral sex seem fun, cool, and non-creepy, so songs that objectify/subjugate the sex partner in question will be severely downgraded, or not graded at all. Also, I made a concerted effort to include songs from several genres, and to alternate between male and female lyricists. The more equality, the better, right? And… Here we go!

The Song: “Lollipop” by Lil’ Wayne
The Premise: Lil’ Wayne is so enamored of a particular woman that he writes a song about their relationship and sex life, complete with lots of lollipop lickin’.
Oral Sex-y Lyric: But man I ain’t never seen an ass like hers/ That pussy in my mouth had me at a loss for words
Grade: A. Weezy is also all about both partners getting their just desserts in this song, so to speak.

The Song: “Work It” by Missy Elliott
The Premise: Missy Elliott has a lot to offer, especially to guys with (ahem) oral talents.
Oral Sex-y Lyric: Go downtown and eat it like a vulcha/ See my hips and my tips don’t cha/ See my ass and my lips don’t cha
Grade: B. While Miss Missy gives oral sex a positive spin for the ladies to be sure, she doesn’t much mention reciprocating the act.

The Song: “Head” by Prince & The Revolution
The Premise: Kind of a weird one. Prince encounters a bride on her way to the altar, and she is so taken by him that she decides to forgo getting married and go down on Prince instead. They end up getting married, and then he returns the favor. You know, just the way you’ve always imagined your own wedding day playing out.
Oral Sex-y Lyric: U married me instead/ Now morning noon and night/ I give U head
Grade: B-. Sure, Prince is all about mutual pleasure, but he insists that the woman marry him before he’ll go down on her. Puritan.

The Song: “My Neck My Back” by Khia
The Premise: Khia is on the prowl, and she requires some serious oral attention. Really.
Oral Sex-y Lyric: So lick it now, lick it good/ Lick this pussy just like you should
Grade: B. Khia is mostly about getting oral (as opposed to giving), but she gets extra credit for inviting all women to follow her example.

The Song: “Kiss That Frog” by Peter Gabriel
The Premise: Peter Gabriel is a frog prince, and he needs you to kiss him (downtown, of course) in order for him to turn into a prince. (I know I said no euphemisms, but this one is so obvious I made an exception.)
Oral Sex-y Lyric: Let me introduce his frogness/ You alone can get him singing/ He’s all puffed up, wanna be your king/ Oh you can do it/ C’mon lady kiss that frog
Grade: C. Though Gabriel does include lyrics about being “best friends” and about his princess “getting wet,” most of this song reads like a textbook but-if-you-don’t-do-it-I’ll-get-blueballs excuse. No thanks, “King” Gabriel.

The Song: “Downtown” by Peaches
The Premise: The teaches of Peaches include oral-sex lessons, naturally.
Oral Sex-y Lyric: ‘Cause I wanna take you downtown/ Show you my thing/ Show you my thing
Grade: A. Not only is Peaches all about coming/going downtown, she also wants to teach her partner the ways she likes it, and she wants to reciprocate in a big way. Check out this lyric for evidence: Went to your area and I thought I would bury ya/ Touched a monolith and it caused a hysteria (tee hee, “monolith”).

The Song: “Just Like Honey” by The Jesus & Mary Chain
The Premise: Boy meets girl, boy thinks girl tastes delicious, boy loses girl, boy writes touching song referencing said deliciousness in order to win girl back.
Oral Sex-y Lyric: Moving up and so alive/ In her honey dripping beehive/ Beehive/ It’s good, so good, it’s so good
Grade: C. I love this song, but the oral-sex message is a little too vague for this particular grading rubric.

The Song: “Not Tonight” by Lil’ Kim
The Premise: Lil’ Kim has been with plenty of guys who think she should be satisfied with straight-up penetrative sex. In this song she lets them know how wrong they are, and that they’d better go down on her ASAP if they want another shot.
Oral Sex-y Lyric: The moral of the story is this/ You aint lickin’ this, you aint stickin’ this
Grade: B+. Though Kim sings this song from a pretty selfish place, she also gives a voice to a problem many women face: Even though media portrayals would have us thinking otherwise, the majority of women cannot orgasm from intercourse alone, and that is a difficult topic for many women to address with their partners. Looks like we can always count on the Queen Bee to write songs about unspeakable problems. Is it too much to call her the Betty Friedan of hip hop music? (Maybe. Still a good song, though.)

The Song: “Summer of 69” by Bryan Adams
The Premise: Maybe this song, which if you’re like me you’ve joked was about oral sex ever since middle school, actually is about the other kind of 69 (you know, the oral-sex kind, not the kind that indicates the year my mom graduated from high school). According to Adam Brown’s article for Cracked, “6 Famous Songs That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean,” Adams said: “One thing people never got was that the song isn’t about the year 1969. It’s about making love, a la ‘69!”
Oral Sex-y Lyric: Man we were killin’ time/ We were young and restless/ We needed to unwind
Grade: C. Again, this song just isn’t obvious enough in its oral-sex-positiveness. Plus, it’s getting a little old.

The Song: “Where Life Begins” by Madonna
The Premise: Madonna speaks up about going down.
Oral Sex-y Lyric: Every girl should experience eating out/ Sometimes when I come home from a hard day at work/ I swear it’s all I can think about
Grade: B+. This song, similar to “Downtown,” is all about educating sex partners to the joys of “Dining in and eating out” (“Where Life Begins” describes oral sex in sooo many ways), which is great. I deducted a few points though, for the “Finger lickin’ good” lyric. Vaginas are not fried chicken, thank you very much.

So there you have it, ten oral-sex-positive jams. Perhaps you can compile them into a mixtape for your next big date! A fun time is guaranteed for all involved.

Honorable Mentions (because I only had time for ten songs this go ‘round, and a few of these were disqualified due to misogyny):
“Peaches and Cream” by 112
“I’d Rather” by Three 6 Mafia
“How Many Licks” by Lil’ Kim
“Just Don’t Bite It” by N.W.A.
“Love in an Elevator” by Aerosmith
“LMLYP” by Ween
“Put it in Your Mouth” by Akinyele

Did anyone else notice that most of the songs by women/about performing oral sex on women fit into the hip hop/R&B category? Do you think that is just a reflection of my own musical tastes, or do you think the R&B genre allows for freer and more sex-positive lyrics? Are there any women in rock or country (or another other genre besides hip hop) that speak as frankly about oral sex as Lil’ Kim or Khia? Can you think of any male performers outside of hip hop/R&B who are as down with going down as Lil’ Wayne or Prince? Or should we all just listen exclusively to R&B music? (Could be worse; R&B is awesome after all).

Make sure to give your thoughts and add your own aural oral suggestions in the comments section!

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R&B giveth, R&B taketh away

Great post. I agree that there are a lot of great songs about oral sex, and especially female oral sex, in the R&B genre. There are also obviously a lot of songs in that genre that are terrible for women and completely misogynistic. I really appreciate the females in R&B (and esp. Lil Kim, Khia, Missy Elliot, etc.) stepping up and helping to even out the convo. It takes courage to demand yours.

"Only Straight Girls Wear

"Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses" is a fun song by C.W.A. It's about a girl wearing a miniskirt to a lesbian bar being judged as too femmey to be good in bed. She takes the judgmental lesbian in the bathroom and proves her oral sex skills and sings at the end:
<i>'Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses' glared in red above her head. Now she stared at me with surprise and respect. Now before you eat me, you better eat those words. She grabbed me by the neck and the rest is a blur.</i>

indie reference

How about, for a more indie rock reference, Mother Mother's "Train of Thought."

Jump on my train
My little train of thought
Dip your tongue
Into my honey pot
I know what I have
Do you know what you got?

it is pretty obvious, sounds positive (honey is good, right?) and a great, cute song.

oh, come on! at least an

oh, come on! at least an honourable mention for leonard cohen's iconic 'chelsea hotel #2' - and definite kudos for its (albeit more sexually reciprocal) sister-song 'chelsea hotel oral sex song' by jeffrey lewis.

"and on top of that
tho u may not believe it
you know what she says to me next
as i repeat it
that line about gettin a blow job
that leonard sings
she said it made her
want to do naughty things
right about then
i should have asked
if she knew
what the chelsea charged
if we got a room for two
but i didn't and i know
i'm a schmuck, don't you doubt it
the only thing i did
was write this stupid song about it"

as much ass az u want

i'm not sure i buy summer of '69 as being about oral sex. plus, your own rule was "I figured we'd start out here with a list of ten songs that are mainly about oral sex (that means no vague euphemisms or veiled symbolism -- we're looking for the real deal here)" so it doesn't fit!

anyway, this is the second time i've mentioned this in bitch, but as much ass az u want by HWA is a brilliant oral sex song. and it's about analingus, which makes it stand out in this list.

Not just about head

..and more a boy/boy song, but check out Elton Motello's Jet Boy Jet Girl


It's a little less subtle than the songs on your list, though - every chorus ends with the line 'He gives me head'

Great suggestions so far everyone!

Keep 'em coming! (Pun intended, of course)

Nini: The Leonard Cohen fan in me is remiss for not at least giving "Chelsea Hotel #2" an honorable mention. I love that song! And I haven't heard the Lewis response, but I'll check it out.

al oof: You're right; the Adams' song is a bit too heavy on the euphemisms, but once I read that interview with him I couldn't resist. Thanks for the HWA recommendation!

sonambula: I have been a "Jet Boy/Jet Girl" fan ever since I heard the song on the "A Date with John Waters" compilation! Great choice!

Thanks again everyone for your great ideas! We're going to have to put out one of those infomercial CD collections here pretty soon :)

My favorite one is by the

My favorite one is by the Brian Jonestown Massacre - Miss June '75.

Here's the last verse:

oh girl i want to take you home
and get down on my knees
in front of you
i really like the way you squeeze
my head between your thighs
the way your face turns red
the way you roll your eyes
the way your breath gets faster
quiet sounds you make
your lips are trembling
and your
body starts to shake
your hands are running through my hair
and i can tell you're thinking
'don't stop 'cause
i'm almost there,
i'm almost there.'


R&B really isn't as free to talk about oral as it seems, and the female rap artists that do so...it's not safe to assume that they're sexually liberated and powerful. Even in rap music, sex is still spoken about from a heteronormative view and women cater more to what men want to hear than what women actually want or how a woman would actually ask for it. I don't know if I'm just sensitive, but generalizing that R&B is sexually freer (to me) was sort of like saying that POC love hips, breasts, butts, and thighs, so our standard of beauty must be looser. Again, I could just be sensitive seeing as how I moved away from listening to this stuff because it isn't free enough for me. The songs you list are the rare ones that do talk about the subject, but to generalize to the larger genre is...well, generalizing.

That being said, I do have a recommendation in Rasheeda's "Georgia Peach" and her newer song "Juicy Like A Peach". Mostly all of her songs mention that she likes receiving oral, but these two songs are actually centered around it. And this isn't a masturbation post, but I have to plug Tweet's "Oops (Oh My)". No one covered that before her, no one has really covered it since.


I can't believe there is no mention of You Suck by the Yeastie (Yeasty) Girls - an oldy but sure got me interested! Gotta check it out!

Found the link on YouTube -

Found the link on YouTube - gotta check it! First Lines -

I know you're really proud cuz you think you're well hung
But I think it's time you learned how to use your tongue
You say you want things to be even and you want things to be fair
But you're afraid to get your teeth caught in my pubic hair

Very Explicit this song!


pussay monster

Now for a second there I thought you'd unearthed Lil' Wayne's REAL aural/oral masterpiece: Pussy Monster. That song right there is just OOC! He actually talks about eatin' it on a lot of his songs (I'm a mixtape junkie, though, so maybe I'm just hearing a lot of Wayne to begin with), and it's such a welcome change from the old hiphop mantra of not "going there." The man is a pussy monster. You've all been warned.

Hungry like a wolf

Don't forget about Hungry Like A Wolf :D

"Rocker Girl"

"Rocker Girl" by The Hot Toddies:

Well the rocker girl pulled up her skirt
He put down his purse, dove in head first
Well you think you're in love but you know that you're not in love.

Til the break of dawn, they went on and on
And on, and on, and on, and on, and on....

songs by female about sucking dick

are there any songs by a female about sucking dick i mean whole songs? if not there should be

Janet Jackson - Warmth

Janet Jackson - Warmth

Your post is amazing and

Your post is amazing and really oral sex positive! I'd like to continue your list and to add some unmentioned songs that also promote oral pleasure:
1. Melissa Ferrick: Drive. For me this song is a kind of lesbian's ode to oral sex.
2. The Bloodhound Gang - Kiss me where it smells funny
3. Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be
4. Blink 182 - The Blowjob Song
Thanks a lot! Keep writing!

Hagfish's "Stamp" (1995?)

She touched my chest
and I touched her breast.
She kissed my lips
and I kissed her lips

and she said,

'Gimme gimme somethin' to hold on to
Gimme gimme somethin' to hold on to
Will you remove my shoes
and lift up my skirt?
Will you eat my box while I work?
Eat it while I work!'

A good neo-punk entry for the oral discussion: sounds reciprocal (she "work[s]" on something she "hold[s] on to, and he, I hope, eats it while she works), not veiled in symbolism, and it's a rollicking good song. I only hope, for both their sakes, their orgasmo-stamina outlasts the song length: rollicking, but a speedy 2'18"! =(

"She Bop" by Cyndi Lauper

"She Bop" by Cyndi Lauper DEFINITELY should be on this list!

"You Suck" by Consolidated

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFNIrRAfuV0">"You Suck"</a> by Consolidated feat. the Yeastie Girls is pretty explicit. It's very helpful too, even providing some safer sex tips. Oh my goodness!

<em>Don't worry about making me have an orgasm/Just take your time and do it with enthusiasm</em>.

"In real life as in Grand Opera, Arias only make hopeless situations worse." - Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Ring A Ding Ding, I'm Going Down

The Stone Roses's "Going Down" is a rock song about a guy going down on his girl. In the last few lines of the song, I think he mentions something about it being reciprocated, but overall it's pretty obvious what the song is about.

Re:When Oral Gets Aural (or Songs About Givin'/Gettin' Head)

Def leppard
Let It go
Cool woman, cool eyes,
Got me hypnotized
So head down, get a rhythm
Stop your stalling and your bitching

Rock steady, we're still shaking
I'm ready for the taking
So make your move, you might be
Get ready for the big scene

Let it rock, yeah, let it roll
Let it, let it go
You gotta, let it rock, let it roll
Yeah just let it go

Slow down, hold on
You're too fast, you're too strong
Take it easy, take it slow
Make it last, don't let go

A warm body is one way
You're not leaving, c'mon stay
So get down on your knees
And let me know you're here to please

Let it rock, yeah, let it roll
Let it, let it go
You gotta, let it rock, let it roll
Yeah just let it go

Let it go, let it go
Cool woman, cool eyes, got me hypnotized
Slow down, hold on
You're too fast, you're too strong
I need a woman, I want her to love
A wound up woman
And you do what I want, what I want

Oh yeah
Slow down, hold on
You're too fast, you're too strong
Take it slow, make it last
Take it easy, not too fast
And don't let go

No! Rock steady, we're still shaking
I'm ready for the taking
So make your move, you might be
And get a-ready for the big scene

Let it rock, yeah, let it roll
Let it, let it go
You gotta, let it rock, let it roll
Yeah just let it go

Let it rock, yeah, let it roll
Let it, let it go
You gotta, let it rock, let it roll
Yeah just let it go

C'mon - let it roll, let it go
Oh yeah Oh!

SWV "DownTown"

Really? NO mention of a song that says...

You gotta go downtown
That's the way to my love
Take it round and round
Oooh, you can't stop 'til you find my love
Go downtown, To taste the sweetness


That's where I keep the key to my love.
(To my love)
It opens up the door to so, so much more.
(So, so, so much more)
Baby, move on down, get closer
To my sensitivity


Seriously no one said this song the lyrics go "forget that pussy I want your throat"

What about

Like a little prayer - Madonna

"When you call my name it's like a little prayer I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there In the midnight hour I can feel your power Just like a prayer you know I'll take you there"

And an honourable mention surely for:

AC/DC - Giving the dog a bone.

"she take you down easy going down to her knees
going down to the devil down down at ninety degrees
she blowing me crazy 'til my ammunition is dry
she's using her head again she's using her head she's using her head again
I'm justa giving the dog a bone"

Cool list

I recently heard this. I'm an R&B fan myself so I'm not sure which genre it is. Might be Country.:

<a href="http://youtu.be/4zvp78-cX98" alt="Frank de Boer">"Exit 69 on Beaver Road"</a> by <a href="http://www.frankensongs.com">Frank de Boer</a>. It's so cute that if the reference wasn't repeated like a hunderd times, you'd miss it.

Bryan Adams confirmed what the song was about , so there's no doubt there.

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