Why Every Guy Should Buy Their Girlfriend Wii Fit and Feminist Subversion?

I’ve been really surprised to find the extent that the vloggers of the world have embraced Wii Fit as a subject of discussion. The topics range anywhere from how much Wii Fit sucks, to simple instructions, to why men should buy their girlfriends Wii Fit. Guess which topic gets the most attention?

From a very limited google search that I conducted (I mean *very* limited) it appears that the following video began a craze of random videos of boyfriends/partners recording girlfriends rotating their hips while wearing underwear.

Although I don’t get too upset at stuff like this (too juvenile to be worth my time) at the same time, when I saw the following video (which was made in response to the previous video), I couldn’t help but laugh.

Why every girl should buy their boyfriend Wii Fit:

The interesting thing is that the obviously feminist response (although the woman herself may not call herself a feminist) was actually met by Youtube commenters with appreciation and laughter. As I’m sure any good web inclined feminist knows, the youtube community in particular are notorious for being–well–assholes about ‘feminism,’ ‘anti-sexism,’ etc (check out the responses to this video to get a clue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHyZVzs1-XQ).

So, I’m wondering, what’s going on here? Why do some snarky feminist responses to sexist bullshit get totally shit on with nasty, sometimes even violent responses–while other snarky feminist responses get laughter, amusement and total agreement?

What do you think?

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because the word feminism...

sets alarm bells off in some peoples' heads. Male and female. Instead of looking at the point and realising they think the same, they immediately ridicule those posting it. It's the whole I'm-not-a-feminist-but thing.

Did anyone see the anti-feminist video that got into the top 100 most discussed ever until it got taken down. It was unbelievable. Women are murderers because of abortion, we caused the great depression- that sort of rubbish. The chauvanism present on the internet shocks me every time.

I wonder

I have to wonder if it's the ones which state they're feminist that get dismissed before being heard.


I think this discussion is

I think this discussion is wayyy to simple. Some videos that can be labeled "feminist" are simply not funny, and therefore rejected by the internet at large. "Anonymous" is only interested in being amused. Frequently the media, celebrities, and various other professionals misunderstand the harsh rejection their content receives from the digital community. The vicious and rude comments don't necessarily mean what they say, they're just jaded and snarky individuals soliciting a laugh from other jaded snarky individuals by making outlandish comments. There's a great deal of joking going on, but it's not so obvious.

An example, Oprah and the 9000 scandal:

Also, (respond to this how you will), but the stereotype about angry and over-critical feminists is out there because angry and over-critical feminists without sense of humor are out there producing angry over-critical tripe. I worked for a feminist studies department for many years and I am making this comment based on my experience, not because I'm not a feminist or have been brainwashed by patriarchy or whatever.

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