Woman in Assam Stones Eve Teaser

I’ve written before about women in India who resist eve teasing, but I felt a video from this week’s television news warranted delving into the topic again. After being fondled and verbally disrespected by army jawan Gurvinder Singh in her own garment shop, a young woman took matters into her own hands by following the man around the open market while yelling at and stoning him.

“We respect the army, but he came and touched me after asking me to show some innerwear. I just lost my temper and hit him. I was scared. I filed an FIR because I don’t want any other woman to be subjected to this kind of harassment,” Rali Faihriem told Arunachal News.

Rali’s protest is all the more impressive when taking into consideration the enormous army presence in Assam’s Halflong hillstation. By attacking one of the military men, Rali put herself at risk, but cultural convention came to her aid as onlookers shamed Gurvinder for his indiscretion and his commanding officer publicly admonished him in order to appease the displeased crowd.

Watch this clip of tiny Rali standing up to the massive (and armed) Gurvinder, a modern day David and Goliath story.

by Mandy Van Deven
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