WTF Files: “Planned Bullyhood"? Really, Karen Handel? REALLY?

<img src=”” alt=the cover of Planned Bullyhood, which features a ripped pink ribbon” align=”left” hspace=”10” />You may recall former Susan G. Komen executive Karen Handel from from Komen’s grossly mishandled defunding and refunding of Planned Parenthood earlier this year. Well, Handel may have lost her job at Komen, but she’s gained a book deal. The title of her upcoming tome? Planned Bullyhood.

From NPR yesterday:

Howard Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, announced Monday that Karen Handel’s “Planned Bullyhood” will come out Sept. 11.

“Planned Bullyhood”? Did she just go with the first burn scribbled down in her Planned Parenthood slam book?! Get it? Because they’re called Planned Parenthood and they are also bullies?

It’s no surprise when the person behind a douchebacle like the Komen situation gets a book deal out of it, but couldn’t Handel at least give us a title that isn’t straight out of the elementary school playground? Given this turd of a book, I wouldn’t blame Planned Parenthood for shooting back with something like Susan G. Boogers or Loser G. Komen. (Actually I would. You’re better than that, PP.)

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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WTF, indeed!

I'm STILL pissed at Komen about that crappiness. I'm a breast cancer survivor, and I was going through my diagnosis and initial decisions regarding treatment when Komen pulled funding from PP. I was so furious when I found that out that I called PP and donated money. I was lucky, because I have access to health insurance and good treatment. Thousands of women don't and PP is an option for them. So the utter douchery of Komen and Ms. Handel during that whole asinine BS continues to piss me off when I think about it. And clearly, Handel called the waaaaaaaambulance about what happened by writing this book when verily, may I say, she'd been wanting to defund PP since her days in politics. Hey, Ms. Handel. Here's a thought. Don't like Planned Parenthood? Fine. Don't use 'em and go start your own anti-abortion private women's clinic. I'm sure you can fund it with the sales from your book, here.

they are better that that

but i'm glad you're (we're) not!

frillztho lol susan g boogers

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