Your Moment of Ew: Brought to you by the Daily Caller

CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) is wrapping up its 2010 conference in DC today. It’s kind of like the Coachella festival of Conservative politicians. (So Mitt Romney’s on stage 2 right now, but then at three we have to pick between Dick Cheney and John Ashcroft!)

But these riveting speakers aren’t the only exciting draw this year. Nope–there are some fly honies at the conference, and The Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson’s conservative news site, has put this video together (equally poor in editing as in taste) documenting the earth-shattering revelation that there are women at CPAC who aren’t named Ann Coulter or Michele Bachmann.

He basically goes up to women (whether or not they’re interested, as one clearly is not) and proceeds to have a conversation like this:
Daily Caller: What brings you to CPAC?
Women: …You mean besides the obvious fact that I’m interested in conservative activism?

The camera basically pans around for CPAC T&A, and upon finding some, proceeds to ask them questions that border on pickup lines. Lousy pickup lines. (“So, you’re a first-timer, huh?” “What do you ladies do when you’re not at CPAC?”). By asking these women superficial questions, including “seen any cute boys?,” it’s clear that women at CPAC are thought of as purely ornamental—there to find husbands and compare pearl necklaces. At 1:17 he bothers a young woman clearly busy doing something work/promotions related. That he’s “REJECTED” implies that she’s not even seen as an activist but as a possible date.

I think the most telling clip comes at the very end:
Daily Caller: Have you seen any cute boys?
Woman: We’re not here for the boys, we’re here for polit– Click! Movie’s done! Thanks, sugar.

The video ends with “Congrats to CPAC for attracting women!” Daily Caller, here’s some free advice. The reason you have to find dates at CPAC is probably because back home the ladies dislike you for supporting a party that places restrictions on their bodies and celebrates traditional gender roles. Now that you’ve come across women who share these beliefs with you, I’d advise you to start addressing them as more than a piece of meat.

But then again, it is CPAC.

(On a different note, I hope Be Your Own Pet joins the ranks of bands who sue for conservative organizations for using their tunes without permission.)

Girls hit CPAC for the boys? [Broadsheet]

by Kjerstin Johnson
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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

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I'm a little bit shocked

I'm a little bit shocked they chose Be Your Own Pet's music to be featured on a Conservative video feature. The last thing I think of when I think of Be Your Own Pet is conservative values. They should definitley sue.

The whole video seemed like

The whole video seemed like the start of a bad porn film or an unfortunate instillation in the "Girls Gone Wild" video collection. While I don't agree with the political party that these women support I can wholly get behind the women who involve themselves in politics. It is unfortunate that their role at CPAC seems mainly ornamental and that the interviewer in this video doesn't want to ask any questions beyond the superficial. It would be interesting to hear what sorts of things draw women into a party that, as you pointed out, "places restrictions on their bodies and celebrates traditional gender roles." Unfortunately, if this is the best that we are going to get, I'm afraid there will never be answers to that question.


Look in the video at 38 seconds to 46 seconds they dont even know what their issues are and one is there because her parents are conservatives.


The hair--the hair in this

The hair--the hair in this video is so Republican.

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