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Hey there, Interwebs.

So, there was some pretty kooky stuff that went on this week when it comes to feminist issues and pop culture. And, since a lot of the words in that last sentence can also be found on the cover of our magazine, how could we not bring these things up in a way that is interactive, thoughtful, and an excellent way to goof off on the Internet instead of working?

That's where you come in. We're curious about what you think about the following, in the context of feminism and pop culture (and, you know, reaction to it). Comment away!

1) A woman named Ann Dunwoody was made the US's first four-star general. Is this a good or a bad thing?

2) One of Oprah's several houses might burn down in the California wildfires. Do we care?

3) Hillary Clinton was reportedly offered the position of Secretary of State. Should she accept?

4) The pregnant man is preggers again. The media is slightly interested, but also kind of over it. What does it all mean?

by Jonanna Widner
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This seems obvious to me...

...but I think the news about Ann Dunwoody is good news. I think that it is important to have more women ascend into positions of power in general (and no I don't mean that as a pun). Good for her, and (hopefully) good for us!

haha, i googled bitch and

haha, i googled bitch and you came up. Congratulations!

Sub question to #4 - is

Sub question to #4 - is putting a woman in charge of the Army Materiel Command (essentially the Army's R&D branch) good? Or is putting a woman in charge of men's safety and happiness a painfully typical, gendered role? Is Army Material Command like when you start some kind of project with a group of guys and they decide your role should be to hand them tools and get them coffee?
I suppose it all depends on what purpose you put things toward. I'm reminded of NPR's early spin on the Iraq war. I felt their narrative was basically, "the US army is a technologically advanced, highly skilled, voluntary force...regardless of your stance on war, Iraq is a waste of talent."
As a first step, lest history judge Dunwoody as little more than the evil team's equipment manager, let's get out of Iraq and Afganistan.

not sure i do care

about the rich and famous' houses burning down. Nobody deserves their house to be destroyed, but if its that extra house you have, well.. I draw the line here.

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